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UFO Hovers Over Calif. Fault

UFOs are sometimes identified as "Earthquake Lights," but arecurring, long-duration and high altitide over the SantaCruz Mountains in California does not seem to fit that category.

The object was well above the horizon, and earthquake lightstypically manifest close to the ground, along stressingfault lines. They do not necessarily mean...

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Abductee Betty Hill, 85, Dies

NYT - Betty Hill, whose well-known claim of alien abductionperhaps marked the beginning of popular culture's awarenessof the phenomena, died of lung cancer at her home inPortsmouth, N.H. at age 85.

Betty and Barney Hill experienced what they believed was anabduction by alien beings on September 19th, 1961. During atrip...

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Saturn Moon Makes a UFO

Dione, one of the moons of Saturn, made a convincing appearance of a UFO last week. As Cassini took an image ofSaturn, the moon's motion created the illusion that it was agigantic cylinder.

Dione is Dione, but there are an unusual number of UFOhotspots around the world at thistime. From the Himalayan foothills to Canada and Ohio, theUFO...

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Intense UFO Activity in Midwest, Canada

Strange beams of light are being observed in the midwest andCanada. Pictured here is an image of one taken by Bill Davidof Peace River, Alberta, Canada, on June 6. Some observershave seen a possible faint outline of a figure in the beam.To enable you to examine this, we are providing ahigh-resolution image, accessible by clicking the picture...

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UFOs and the Bible on Dreamland This Week

Are UFOs a sign of the end times? What does the Bible say about it? Author Sean Casteel's new book, UFOs Prophecy and the End of Time is our subject on Dreamland today.

Click on "Listen Now" on the right hand side of our masthead above, just below the word Dreamland to listen to famed UFO interviewer and researcher Sean Casteel discuss...

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A UFO Stole My Cellphone!

The Diario La Arena newspaper of Argentina reports that aman was hospitalized in a state of shock after a UFO stolehis cellphone. Police officer Marcelo Alarcon says that RaulDorado, 64, was walking in one of his fields when "he heardloud sounds on two occasions, like a whirlwind, which drewhis attention. The third time, he saw something he...

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UFO Over Andrews Air Force Base

Residents living near Andrews Air Force base in Maryland,close to Washington D.C, saw a UFO being chased by Air Forcejets at 2 am Friday morning, July 26.

"Incredible. Absolutely incredible," says Renny Rogers. Hesaw a large blue ball of light streaking across the sky."(The jets) were right on its tail. As the thing would move,a jet was...

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UFOs Over Argentina

A UFO was seen in the town of Campamento Vespucio inArgentina between 8:50 and 9:30 pm on Monday, July 22.According to the newpaper "El Tribuno," it was a large,round, intensely bright object.

Residents took to the streets to look at the object, whichhovered motionless for 40 minutes before vanishing suddenlyat extreme speed, according...

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Russian Author Says UFOs are U.S. Secret Weapons

In his book ?Liquidation of the UFO,? published this year in Russia, Pavel Poluyan says that UFOs aren?t from outer space, but are secret U.S. aircraft first made in the 1940s and used to spy on the Soviets.

In a Russian TV documentary titled ?UFO: Life Behind Barbed Wire,? Russian military officers revealed that the U.S. used ?flying...

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UFOs Taken Seriously in U.K.

Despite the fact that the British government recently declared that there is no evidence for the existence of UFOs, the BBC sent TV weatherman Mike Powell out with UFO hunter David Kingston to see if he could find any signs of UFOs. Powell knows all about weather and can?t be fooled by cloud shapes, Northern Lights or ball lighting.


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Thinking Cap May Mimic Alien Implant

The so-called ?alien implants? that have been found in the bodies of some of the people who report UFO abductions, when removed by physicians like Dr. Roger Leir, are often found to have a small magnetic field. This may be a clue that they affect the brain, either by enhancing it or changing it in some way via magnetism.

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Chile UFO Contact Was Predicted

According to several eyewitnesses in Chile, twenty-four people had an interdimensional travel experience during an international UFO congress. The event, which took place in the Cipreseses River National Reservoir, in Rancagua, Chile, was predicted by Peruvian ufologist Sixto Paz.

During a recent UFO expo in Chile, Paz announced that...

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Document Discussed on Dreamland

The document pictured here was discussed on Dreamland on February 23, 2002, during the segment with UFO investigator Clifford Stone and reporter Leslie Kean. To see a large-sized image of the document, click on "Full Story" below, then click on the thumbnail.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have...

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Amazing UFO Document on Feb. 9 Dreamland

On Saturday?s Dreamland, our science reporter Linda Howe and researcher Jim Marrs, author of ?Rule by Conspiracy,? reported on an amazing document about UFO secrecy that was produced by an English think tank called the Warwick Research Institute. A listener sent us the link to the website of the Mutual UFO Network of Ohio (MORA, where you can...

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Abduction Tracked by Global Positioning System

Filers Files #5 for January 30, 2002, distributed by e-mail from Mufon Director George A. Filer, tells about a first ever case where a man who was abducted from his boat was able to track his ?missing time? with the Global Positioning Satellite System he had with him.

The GPS system is available for boats and cars and provides accurate...

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Great UFO Film for Kids

Here is a great animation for kids, giving information about SETI, the recent Stephen Greer UFO hearings, Bluebook and more

To see the film,click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Piece of UFO Produced

Florida Today reports that 67 year-old electronics engineer Jim Hughes has been taking out classified ads in their paper saying, ?Would you pay $10,000,000 for a piece of a UFO drive mechanism? (It may contain the secret of microgravity).? His asking price has risen since he began advertising in December and is now to $9 million.


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UFOs in Malaysia

The Malaysian newspaper ?The Star? reports that there was an increase in UFO sightings in 2001. The Center for Malaysian UFO Studies (Cenmyufos), which looks into reports concerning unidentified flying objects says there was also a reported case of alien abduction in Malaysia early last year.

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UFO Sighting in England

Amazing light formations have been seen above Suffolk in the U.K. The spectacle remained in the sky for almost three hours before vanishing without a trace.

Helen and Tim Peet were among the people who saw them, and they have been left wondering if they witnessed an extraterrestrial or natural phenomenon.

Helen, age 38, had just...

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1978 UFO Appears in Art Over Thousands of Years

While interviewing German UFO researcher Michael Hesemann on our Dreamland Christmas show December 22, Whitley was looking through Michael?s extraordinary website and saw the June 2001 ?UFO Photo of the Month,? an image of a ?hat-shaped? craft taken in Iran in 1978.

Since he had interviewed U.K. researcher Matthew Hurley the week before...

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England Says UFOs Not Real

After more than 50 years, Britain?s Directorate of Intelligence, Scientific and Technical has abandoned its search for UFOs and ETs.

Since the early 1950s, reports of UFO sightings by members of the public and military personnel have been logged by the Ministry of Defense and passed on to its intelligence branch.

The directorate...

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Wave of UFOs in Texas reports there is a UFO wave in Texas, with over a dozen sightings. In Houston, Robert Thompson reported that on October 25, 2001, he was awake at 1:30 am and saw what I believes was a UFO. ?It didn?t have any lights on it, but I was still able to see it very clearly traveling across the sky,? he says. ?It was traveling west very...

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Major UFO Sighting in Suriname

Dozens of people in the South American country of Suriname have reported seeing a UFO near the capital. Police, military and air traffic control officials said they received reports of a brightly lit white object that flew back and forth at great speed during a two-hour period last week. There were also sightings on the southern outskirts of...

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Possible WTC UFO Footage

This set of links lead to some of the images that Whitley will be discussing tonight on Coast.

Shadow Image.Bird Image.Japanese Site.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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UFO Wave in Norway

UFO Wave in Norway

Police in Norway have been investigating a wave of UFO reports. Lights and craft of different sizes have been seen throughout the north of the country in recent days.

Police are searching for a UFO described by witnesses as resembling a silent helicopter. Three people say they dove for cover when they saw the...

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Tracking Triangle-Shaped UFOs

For the last several years, the National Institute for Discovery Science(NIDS) in Las Vegas has been collecting historical and eyewitness accountsof sightings of triangular UFOs. "Calls regarding low-flying triangularobjects have been coming in pretty steady for the last 18 months," says ColmKelleher, deputy administrator for NIDS. "People are...

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Carteret Lights--An Astronomer Investigates...

Dennis Anderson, Director of the Wagner College Planetarium and a member of the Center for UFO Studies, dug up more information about the mysterious light formation that was seen in Carteret, New Jersey in July. He began his own investigation of the lights after hearing about them on a new cast July 16.

His initial thoughts were that the...

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Reports of Strange Lights Flood Northeast, Damage Area Found

As of 11:57 PM EST, WGAL TV in Lancaster, PA, was reporting that a damaged area had been found in a cornfield that appeared to be related to an object that crossed northeastern US skies at approximately 6:20PM EST today.

The damaged area is in a cornfield along Route 973, west of Anthony Township. The Pennsylvania Department of...

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Crew Leaves Camera on Hotel Roof for a Year: Claim UFOs Targeting Scotland

Scotland has recently been a hotbed of UFO activity, and a Japanese TV crew is now saying that they have taped UFOs hovering over a hotel in an area deeply connected to the Knight?s Templar, using an automatic camera. UFO activity in and around the area near Edinburgh has increased dramatically in recent years.

The Japanese crew came to...

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Highly Unusual Object Taped Over London

A U-shaped object has been videotaped over Lewisham, near London, in broad daylight by British UFO investigator Christopher Martin. The tape was made in excellent daylight weather conditions on July 1, 2001 and has been presented to Ian Birdsall and Russell Callaghan of the British UFO Magazine.

The object could be some kind of...

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