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Classic Phoenix Lights Sighting in Maine

You wouldn't know it from reading the national news, but local news outlets all over the country are reporting UFO sightings that look very much like the famous Phoenix Lights that were seen by hundreds of people ten years ago and reported on by Dr. Lynne Kitei.

In the Maine Sun-Journal, Maggie Gill-Austern quotes Sheriff?s Dept....

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UFOs in Hawaii

On January 26, a pair of UFOs was seen in Hawaii by several people. Witness Peter Hollingworth, who lives in Honolulu, describes his sighting as "these two little fireballs with a stream behind it." He says they "looked kind of like a shooting star but it just kept going. They changed directions a few times, at first it was coming in then it...

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United UFO Pix Likely Hoax

National UFO Reporting Center director Peter Davenportreports that he has spoken to a direct witness of the UFOevent over O'Hare Airport, who says that the UFO imagepublished on this website and elsewhere was not what wasseen. Because an original, unretouched picture without theUFO present in it has been provided, it must be concludedthat the...

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Dreamland Report on Chicago UFO

On this week's Dreamland, Linda Howe presents a dynamic report about the November 27 UFO that was spotted hovering over O?Hare airport in Chicago, from a first-hand witness who works at the airport. This is a photograph of it. You can see it right above the edge of the terminal roof on the upper left. That is terminal C-17, the United Terminal...

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Possible South Africa UFO Crash

A strange aerial event was reported near Lephalale, SouthAfrica on Saturday. Leonie Ras, the Administrative Managerof the town, was at her daughter's farm east of town whenshe heard an enormous roar at 4:33 in the morning. Shedescribed it as sounding like a jumbo jet starting itsmotors. The noise grew until it sounded likemassive screaming...

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UFO Crash in Russia 'False Alarm'

A "flying apparatus" had been reported as crashing in Russiaby numerous Russian news agencies, but officials in thecrash area are now saying that the reports have beeninvestigated and that it apparently did not happen. A helicopterflyover identified the scene, and reported no evidence offire or of any crash debris. Siberian Regional Center...

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Alien Autopsy Hoax Exposed

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you recently read this report: "Ray Santilli has offered some detail about his alleged re-creation of footage from the crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He is now claiming that the material broadcast on Fox TV was not the original footage, but an exact re-creation of it. He has not explained why...

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UFO Returns to Chicago Area Every Fall

Major UFO sightings no longer matter to the national media, but they happen locally all the time, and the sightings that have been taking place in Tinley Park, Illinois "are among the most well-documented cases we have seen," according to Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. The description of these UFOs are startlingly similar...

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Earths are Common?Life May be Common Too

According to NASA, earthlike planets covered with deep oceans that could harbor life may be found in as many as a third of solar systems discovered outside of our own. Astronomers analyzing two of the deepest views of the cosmos made with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have uncovered a gold mine of galaxies, more than 500 that existed less than...

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Unusual UFO Videos

90% of the UFO videos received by areeither explainable, too faint or too blurred to make adetermination, or outright hoaxes. But the 10% that areclear and are not explainable are amazing. We keep the bestone we have ever received on view in our subscriber section.This is a clear image of a metallic disk that is...

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Dreamland Special: Gary McKinnon, UFO Hacker

In an effort to find evidence of a UFO cover-up, GaryMcKinnon hacked into NASA and US Defense Departmentcomputers. He is now about to be extradited from England tothe United States where he faces trial, virtually certainconviction, and a sentence so long that it means probablelife in prison.

Gary talks to Linda Moulton Howe in this...

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Kecksburg UFO Witness Discovered

On December 9, 1965, a strange object streaked overKecksburg, Pennsylvania and went down in nearby woods. Overthe course of the night, witnesses observed the object beingremoved, but no witness had ever come forward who saw thecrash itself. Now HbccUFO directorBrian Vike has interviewed a witness who came upon theobject in the woods moments...

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Prophet Yahweh to Call UFOs on Live TV--UPDATE

On May 28, Ramon Watkins, who calls himself 'Prophet Yahweh'astonished a Las Vegas TV news crew by apparently succeedingin calling a UFO on command before KNTV news cameras. Thestation then asked him to call UFOs on live TV on June 1,and he agreed. Then he claims that they backed out, underpressure ofsome unnamed kind. He wrote, "It seems like...

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UFO Guru Calls in Craft for TV Crew

Why aren't we surprised that this happened in Las Vegas? Aman who claims that he has been using bible texts to calldown UFOs for years has apparently caused one to appear oncommand for a Las Vegas TV crew.

The stunned television personnel watched as 'Prophet Yahweh"aka Ramon Watkins, raised his arms in prayer to Yahweh andpleaded with...

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Major UFO Breakthrough in Brazil

The nation of Brazil is relaxing its policy of UFO secrecy.It is the first among a number of countries known to beconsidering the idea of abandoning the secrecy mandate thathas been in place worldwide since the phenomenon first beganto be publicly known nearly fifty years ago.

A.J. Gevaerd of the Brazilian Committee of UFO...

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Google Map Mystery

The Google Maps satellite map of Magnolia Park, Floridashows a clear view of an unusual object floating above 39thStreet in the town.

The shadow on the object is similar to the shadows on theground, meaning that it is in the atmosphere relativelyclose to the surface, probably no higher than 20,000 feet.

There are no towers or...

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Unusual Light Appears Over Vatican

The light pictured here appeared over St. Peter's Basilica. Itwas 6:03 a.m. Italian time on the morning of April 8, 2005,6 hours before Pope John Paul II's funeral. reader writes, "I watched this as ithappened live on TV. It was awsome and just alittle chilling. I feel that this event (sign) is if great significance."

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An Extraordinary UFO Photo?

This exceptionally beautiful UFO photo was taken with acellphone camera, and is an example of a type of photo thatis likely to appear more often now that cameras incellphones and personal digital assistants that people carrywith them all the time are becoming more and more common.

The individual who took this picture writes: "I took...

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Strange Lights, Explosions: Now It's the US

Two weeks ago, we were reporting unusual lights andexplosions over Indonesia. A month ago, the phenomenonappeared over China and Australia. Now, the phenomonon isbeing reported over Wisconsin

In all three [previous cases, the events were attributed tometeors. In all three cases, they were followed byearthquakes. Last Sunday, an...

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UFOs Over Mexico City Airport

We have received the following report from Scott Corrales ofInexplicata theInstitute of Hispanic Ufology:

Aviation technician and UFO researcher Alfonso Salazar Mendozahas reported the following sightings:

On December 20, 2004, the staff at the Mexico City InternationalAirport witnessed a strange flying object shaped like a black-...

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UFOs Over Iran: Gov't Issues Shoot-Down Order

The Iranian government has announced that it has ordered itsair force to attack UFOs which are being seen near Iraniannuclear facilities in substantial numbers. Air Force ColonelSalman Mahini has said "all anti-aircraft units and jetfighters have been ordered to shoot down the flying objectsover Iran's airspace."

UFO fever has swept Iran...

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Explosions over Jakarta

On December 13, Unknowncountry reported aUFO explosionover the Chinese city of Lanzhou, and similar explosionstook place over Jakarta last night. In both cases, it hasbeen assumed that the objects were meteors, but it is unsualthat the same general area of the planet would be struck byexploding meteors over a week period. Normally,...

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UFO Appears to Explode in China

UPDATE: 12/13/04 0900 Pacific:XinhuaNews Agency reports that witnesses saw a strange, shiningobject cross the sky at 11:36 PM Saturday night, followed bytremendous booms. Over 700 witnesses have reported seeingthe phenomenon. Police are searching for debris in the areawhere it fell. The earth trembled across a 70 square milearea around the...

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Anniversary of Early UFO Sighting

The first UFO sighting recorded in the English-speakingworld took place on this day in the town of Fleet in Dorset,England, in 1733. James Cracker of Fleet saw a silvery diskfly overhead during daylight hours.

He described his sighting this way, "Something in the skywhich appeared in the north but vanished from my sight, asit was...

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High UFO Strangeness in Australia, Canada

A UFO hovers over populated areas for hours, strange boomsand rumblings are heard, an amateur astronomer captures abizarre image of an object seemingly plunging into a bay.

Three ball shaped spheres flashing blue, red and whiteappeared over Darwin last Saturday nightand took their time crossing the sky before hundreds ofwitnesses. The...

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Himalayan UFO Story Won't Quit has run two stories about an unusual UFOsituation in the distant Himalayas, and our subscribers haveenjoyed an interview with Skywatch International's JimHickman in which he states that contacts of his in India aretelling him that there is definitely something strangehappening in the region.

Now India Daily has...

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Anniversary of 1st UFO Sighting

Contrary to popular belief, the first UFO was not seen bypilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947. The first UFO sightingrecorded in modern times took place on November, 17, 1882when the British Royal Observatory at Greenwich described "astrange celestial visitor--a circular object glowing green."

The observatory offered no theory regarding the...

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Not Another UFO Flap? This Time It's Uh...Halloween

2004 is going to go down as one of the great years for UFOsightings worldwide, and now George Filer reports on yetanother UFO flap, this time in Illinois.

On the night of October 31, 2004, hundreds of peoplereported seeing three strange red lights traveling information over the South Chicago suburbs of Tinley Park,Orland Park, Oak Forest...

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Is Contact Under Way in India?

Persistent stories out of India indicate that somethingextraordinary is happening there involving UFOs. An Indianengineer working on antigravity propulsion has describedstudying advanced technology in "package" form--technologiesready made to be analyzed and duplicated. But where are theyfrom?

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UFO's Over Veracruz, Mexico

INEXPLICATA: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology - Unidentified flying objects were seen in the sky around 8:30a.m. October 28th, causing great expectation among residentsof Orizaba and C

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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