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A Great Catastrophe Threatens India

Cyclone Phailin has become a larger version of Hurricane Sandy, a huge storm packing winds of 160 miles per hour, striking at one of the most heavily populate low-lying areas on Earth. The cyclone has the potential to cause massive damage, but so far barely 70,000 people of the millions in its path have fled the region. Twenty-six of the thirty-...
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Sandy Wasn't the End--More Hurricanes and Tornadoes

After Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the US recently, everyone wondered what climate change would bring us next. The...
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Pacific Typhoons Could Become Monster

Two powerful Pacific typhoons could merge over the next fewdays in a rare event that will generate a monster storm thatcould threaten the entire Pacific region.

The Australian-Pacific Center for Emergency and DisasterInformation has graded Olaf as a Category 4 typhoon, withsustained winds of 155 miles per hour. Olaf is currentlyover...

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Quakes, Typhoons Scare Japanese into Gold

After an incredible season of earthquakes and typhoons,nervous Japanese investors are buying gold despite the factthat its price is at a 16 year high and the Japanesetraditionally sell gold into high markets.

The buying is coming because of a growing perception inJapan that the earth's climate is changing fast, and therewill soon be...

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Violent Weather & Earthquakes Rock Asia

Asia is having some of its most violent weather everrecorded, and the latest typhoon to strike Japan hasgenerated the highest waves ever recorded in that country,and killed eighty people. The rash of earthquakes that hasaccompanied the typhoons are believed to be due, at least inpart, to the face that the entire country is literallywaterlogged...

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