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A Tweet In Time: Are Time Travelers Writing Precognitive Posts On Twitter?

The quest to find those who have come back from the future all started over a poker game.

Astrophysicist Robert Nemiroff and his students were playing cards (for chips) last summer, chatting about Facebook. They wondered: If there were time travelers among us, would they be on social media? How would you find them? Could you Google...
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Twitter Can Detect Psychopaths

So if you're corresponding with someone online who uses certain words and phrases, cut off the contact--FAST! There are more of these folks around than you might suspect. This might also be something to pay...
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You are Being Judged on Twitter

When it comes to appearance, we are sometimes informally issued a number from one to ten. What if we lived in a world in which everyone is assigned a number that tells everyone ELSE how influential we are, and this number determined whether or not you got a job, a hotel room upgrade or free samples at...
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If You Need Friends

...Now you can BUY them! - Whitley twitters. Anne twitters. And sometimes it's hard to know who your friends are. Now, if YOU twitter, you can buy friends! An Australian company is offering to sell people potential Twitter friends for around $100. They contact blocks of around a thousand people and suggest that they may want to...

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