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Why Africa Has the Most Twins

"Twinning" is genetic and the central African country of Benin has the highest twin birthrate, while Asia and Latin America have much lower rates of twinning. Benin has almost 30 twins for every 1,000 births. Europe, the US and Australia--where most maternal genes are the same--...
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Mysterious Highway Incident

Famed crop circle researcher Colin Andrews has discovered abizarre and well documented story about an event that tookplace on the M-8 motorway in England in May of 2008. On hiswebsite Andrews writes:"Police witnessed what appeared to be two woman with either complete unawareness of their surroundings or a deliberate suicide attempt, not once,...

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TWICE as Much Reason to Say You're Sorry

How much are twins reallyalike? Even non-identical twins, who have only half their DNA in common, are surprisingly the same. In the UK, two such twins who didn't know they were related found that they were so compatible that they got married. It's good thing that forgiveness is good for our health!

The twins were separated at birth and...

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Want Twins? Eat Right!

A new study finds that women who consume animal products, specifically dairy, are five times more likely to have twins than those who do not, and the reason may have to do with the growth hormones fed to cows. Meanwhile, other studies show that identical twins are not as identical as we once thought they were.

A growth protein called IGF...

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Are Identical Twins REALLY Identical?

Years ago, it wasn't considered "PC" for identical twins to be too much alike, despite the fact that they are biologically identical, so sociologists stressed the differences between identical twins who were raised apart. Then later studies showed that identical twins are amazingly alike, even those who didn't know they even had a twin: they...

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