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JFK, Flight 800 Coverups Real

New information suggests that powerful individuals were involved in a coverup of the JFK assassination that led to the Warren Report's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing the president. In addition, former NTSB investigators have come forward to demand that the Flight 800 case be re-opened, stating that the plane was...
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Former NTSB Investigators Claim TWA Flight 800 Shot Down and Whitley Strieber have been questioning the TWA Flight 800 story since 1996 when, Strieber has always believed, the plane was destroyed by a missile. The destruction of the plane in a fireball that killed 230 people was falsely attributed by the National Transportation Safety Board to an internal explosion, and...
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Buzzsaws are Back!

On our May 4 Dreamland show, we talked to Kristina Borjesson about how Big Business and Big Government censor journalists like herself. She told the shocking story about how she was fired from her job for trying to report honestly about the Flight TWA 800 crash. Her message was so popular, it took her publishers by surprise?bookstores...

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TWA Flight 800 Video Now Available

On May 18 Dreamland, Roger Aronoff gave us the inside information about the crash of TWA Flight 800 and told us about his award-winning video, which no television network or cable channel has been willing to show. This video is as professional as anything you?ll see on network TV and PROVES that there is a coverup about what caused the crash....

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