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Tut Curse Returns

Like the Dybbuk box, the supposed curse against anyone who disturbs the tomb of the boy-king Tut still seems to be powerful today, as a group of radiologists discovered.

Dr. Ashraf Selim and his team ran King Tut's mummy through a CT scan in order to affirm that the cause of his death was a fatal injury that became infected, rather than...

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Tut Was No Beauty

Three different teams have computer scanned the Egyptianboy-king Tut's mummy recently, and they've all come up withthe same conclusion: he was no beauty. He had anunusually elongated, narrow skull, big lips, buckteeth and a receding chin. Tut died in an accident (somethink he was murdered) at age 9 in 1325 BC. We've all heardof him because his...

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