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Tsunami in our Future

If the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands were toerupt, it would send a giant tsunami wave towards the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. The eruption would cause a landslide that wouldgenerate a wave with energy equivalent to 6 months of U.S. electricity use.

Researchers Simon Day and Steven Ward say this will be an exceptionally large...

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Tsunami Could Hit Seattle

Over one thousand years ago, a tsunami devastated the area where Seattle exists today?according to computer modeling?and researchers think it could happen again. About 900 AD, a powerful earthquake hit Seattle's Puget Sound. The quake, located on the still-active Seattle fault, would have sent a giant tsunami throughout the sound.


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Japan May Drown in Giant Wave

Scientists in Japan have discovered an underwater fault off the coast that could unleash a giant "tsunami" tidal wave that would engulf the mainland with almost no warning. The newly-detected fault, which is only a few miles from the land, may have been responsible for the 8.1 magnitude earthquake which struck Japan in 1944.

"Any tsunami...

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