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Whale Poop Saves the Ocean

Whales may sing in the shower, but when they poop, they drop huge turds which work with the ecology of the ocean, playing an enormous role in its nutrient and carbon cycles.

And as if there wasn't enough...
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More Trash in the Ocean Than We Thought

There are more than just cracks in the ocean floor: While working on a research sailboat gliding over glassy seas in the Pacific Ocean, oceanographer Giora Proskurowski noticed something new: The water was littered with confetti-size pieces of plastic debris,...
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Plastic: The Problem or the Solution?

Disposing of plastic trash will be one of the biggest problems we face in 2012. The oceans are filled with plastic...
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Fukushima Debris Washes Up on West Coast Beaches

Can we clean up our trashy oceans? When it comes to debris that floats in from the Japanese Fukushima disaster, it may be vitally important, because some of it may be...
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Can Biodegradable be BAD?

Research shows that so-called biodegradable products are actually doing more harm than good in landfills, because they are releasing a powerful greenhouse gas as they break down. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines call for products marked as “biodegradable” to decompose within "a reasonably short period of time" after...
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Litter in a Surprising Place

There's so much trash out there in space that it's getting in the way of astronaut operations. The solution? ZAP it! The US military currently tracks about 20,000 items of space junk in low-...
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Can We Clean Up Our Trashy Oceans?

There are millions of tons of trash floating in our oceans, much of it plastic (meaning it won't disappear anytime soon). Scientists are now trying to figure out how to clean it up. The largest "floating island" of plastic trash is in the North Pacific and covers an area twice the size of France. Other trash islands have been discovered...
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In the same old places: the ocean and SPACE! - If there was a huge dump down the block in your neighborhood, wouldn't you ask your friends (or the local government) to help clean it up? Well, there's one spot in the Atlantic Ocean where plastic trash that's tossed into the sea accumulates. Will anyone do something about it? At...

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Dumpster Divers in Space?

Astronauts returning from challenging long-duration missions face one more challenge when they get back to Earth: standing up and walking. And while they're IN space, they need to dodge some of the debris out there.

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If You're Awash in Christmas Trash

You can use it as biofuel! - As the New Year dawns and we finally finish opening our presents and see all the wrapping paper scattered around, a lot of us wish we could find a way to recycle all of it. Many cities recycle paper and plastic, but can we recycle fruit cake?

In, Keith Barry quotes researcher...

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No Littering in Space

Space is getting as crowded as a public beach in the summer, with everyone heading for the moon and leaving their trash behind. It's time to set up some international rules!

How best to cope with the rising tide of orbital space debris? What international rules of behavior are required? Can space travel go "green?"

Researcher Ray...

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Trash That's SAFE to Toss in the Ocean

We've written about the problem of trash on Mars, but the REAL problem is with trash in the ocean?especially non-biodegradable PLASTIC trash. Now researchers have come up with plastic that?s safe to dump in the sea.

Researchers have come up with a biodegradable plastic that dissolves into nontoxic components in salt water in about 20...

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