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3D Printers: Will We Soon be Able to Print Out Replacement Body Parts?

3D printers are now being utilised for a variety of different mediums; in fact, there seems to be no limit to their potential.

In Britain, they are being used to create the ultimate chocolate gift by a company called ChocEdge. The company, which grew out of a University of Exeter project in 2012, can create a unique sculpture of your...
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Need a New Heart? PRINT It!

There is a great shortage of organs for transplanting to people who need them--in the UK, for instance, the average wait for a new heart has risen 70% over the last 3 years and patients needing a new kidney have to wait 20% longer. This organ shortage is killing 3 people a day there (and probably many more in the US), but this probablem is finally...
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First Human Face Transplant

On October 15, physicians at the Cleveland Clinic receivedreview board approval to begin screening patients for thefirst ever human face transplant.

In the first few procedures, they only plan to use facialskin and the connective tissue underneath. Patients wouldretain their own underlying muscle, so they wouldn?t looklike their donor....

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