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Tornado Devastation Strikes Midwest's Climate Watch page was one of the very few places that predicted and explained the violent weather that is now taking place in the US midwest. The problems started last January, when the polar vortex migrated south unusually early, insuring that the northern hemisphere...
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Sandy Wasn't the End--More Hurricanes and Tornadoes

After Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the US recently, everyone wondered what climate change would bring us next. The...
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Powerful Storms Sweep Midwest

Powerful storms swept the midwest last night, and more are expected as an unseasonal cold front crosses the region, colliding with equally unseasonal warm air that has been pouring up across the region from the Gulf of Mexico. The National Weather Service reported 'hundreds' of tornadoes across the region yesterday, and more are...
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Why Can't We be Warned About Tornadoes?

As we recently warned, tornadoes can strike without warning: Now a huge tornado has hit Springfield, Massachusetts. Sacramento, California has been hit too. Why can't we forecast these terrible storms so that people can take shelter? There have been plenty of tornadoes this...
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US Weather Next Week

A weather system similar to the three that have passed across the central United States over the past month is once again moving down out of the Pacific Northwest toward the central plains. The system...
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Are There More Terrible Tornadoes to Come?

Whitley Strieber has been warning about climate change since the publication of Superstorm in 1999. On Unknowncountry, we have been warning of a very dangerous tornado season this year, and 2011 has turned out to be the...
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Tornado Swarm Worst in 50 Years

At least 272 people have been killed, a nuclear power plant has been knocked out for weeks, and property damage is expected to exceed a billion dollars in one of the worst spring storm outbreaks in memory. There were 364 reports of tornadoes across the southeastern US, and flooding from Arkansas to Vermont. Tornadoes were sighted in 16...

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Another Weather Disaster in Midwest?

As of 2AM Friday: Storms, no deaths. - Forecasters using computers warn that current weather conditions in the Midwest are the same as those that caused 39 tornadoes to touch in the Great Plains over 30 years ago on June 8, 1974, killing 22 people.

MSNBC quotes meteorologist Brad Mickelson as saying, "The highest risk is...

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Severe Weather Death Toll Now 22 in 3 States

Update: Deadly storms get worse. - More damage and deaths occurred last night assevereweather rolled eastward, spreading death anddestruction into the southeastern US. The central UScontinues to be the scene of unusuallyviolent weather, as waspredicted inJanuary stories about the unusual midwinter tornadoes...

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Super Tornadoes Strike on Super Tuesday--Death Toll 52

Waves of hitherto rare midwinter tornadoes swept thesouthern part of America's heartland yesterday. So far 28people are known to have been killed in Tennessee, 13 inArkansas, 7 in Kentucky and 4 inAlabama. A family of 3 was killed in Arkansas. This is thesecond time this winter tornadoes have erupted in thecentral US. The storms are due to the...

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Tornadoes Sweep Across UK

It was like a scene from Superstorm in England yesterday as tornadoes swept across the center of the country. As we have reported on Unknowncountry before, the most likely cause of the extraordinarily violent weather that has been experienced in the UK this year is that the Gulf Stream is weakening.

Tornado-like winds tore roofs off of...

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Huge Catastrophe in Florida as UN Warns: Worse to Come

At least fourteen people were killed in Florida last nightas powerful storms swept across the center of the stateafter midnight. Officials provided as much as fifteenminutes of warning, but many of the affected areas arerural, and residents could not hear sirens, or there were nolocal warning systems in place. At the same time,...

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Watch Out: It's Tornado Season

Spring is tornado season in the US and we while tornadoes can occur almost anywhere in the world, we have more of them than anyplace else. There are about 1,200 tornadoes here every year. So far, in 2006, there have been almost 500. Like all extreme weather patterns, including hurricanes and flooding, an increase in tornado activity can be an...

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Ocean of Tornadoes Strikes Mid-South

As predicted in last week's Unknowncountry.comnewsletter, the second violent weather system in a week developed on Thursday and Friday. The newsletter warned that it couldstrike Kansas, but the fast moving front did not developstorms until it reached Tennessee. It tore through thatstate on Friday. Lives were lost, homes destroyed andrecords...

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Weather Alerts Continue

A supercell over the southeastern US has caused unsettledweather conditions in Louisiana, Arkansas,Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Missouri and Tennessee. Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi declared a state ofemergency after 19 tornadoes were reported in the state thismorning, and during the day it developed that there wasextensive damge in the...

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Record Number of Tornados Stuns Weather Observers

The 83 tornadoes that have hit the United States so far this month set a record for the first half of October, according to the National Weather Service. Last week alone 59 twisters struck.

?Despite the record number of tornadoes, there were no fatalities and only twelve minor injuries during this most recent outbreak,? says Dan...

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New Way To Eliminate Tornadoes

We've seen movies about "storm chasers," who chase tornadoes in battered pick-ups, risking their lives in order to learn more about these destructive whirlwinds. We don't expect the problem to be solved by a scientist brainstorming from his home in Del Mar, California, an area that never experiences tornadoes.

Each year over 1,000...

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US Weather Extremes Prophesy Future

At least twelve people have lost their lives as a devastating series of storms swept across the United States from the Southeast to the Northeast. Eighty mile per hour wind gusts were recorded in the New York City area, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama recorded an extremely rare midwinter tornado that reached an F4 intensity level.

The Northeast...

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