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An Unusual Use for an Unwanted Appliance

A rating system developed to promote sustainable roadway construction has awarded its first official certification to a project that incorporates porcelain from recycled toilets. The newly widened sidewalk also incorporates more than 400 recycled toilets.

Greenroads spokesman Jeralee Anderson says, "It's a big milestone for us....
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Poop Burgers

If you thought China had strange food, listen to this: Japanese scientists have found a way to create artificial meat from sewage containing human feces. It's being called the "poop burger." Japanese scientists have actually discovered a way to create...
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What We Need is a Microwave Toilet

We're constantly told that the reason there are no jobs is because we need more innovation. Well, we've been creative when it comes to computers, smart phones and ipads--now it's time to redesign something we all take for granted:...
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Think Before You Pee

The times when your bladder is full and you REALLY "have to go" is NOT the time to get out of your chair and run to the toilet, it's the time to make difficult decisions (which you can also make while sitting on the "john.") Why? Because scientists...
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