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Wormholes Could Be Space-Time "Postboxes"

Have you ever regretted a missed opportunity to send a message to someone? Did you think that your life may well have been different if you had communicated certain things, and you would give anything to re-live that moment again?

According to scientists from Jesus College, Cambridge, U.K., you may get your chance to right the wrongs...
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Weekender - Time Signature: How Music Plays With Our Perceptions

We all know the feeling of being transported by a lilting melody, or enraptured by a rhapsody that seems to mute our senses to all else but its divine resonance.

Yet we may not realise that music is a powerful medium which can actually affect the way we perceive the world; science has proved that it alters our brain functions and can...
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A Tweet In Time: Are Time Travelers Writing Precognitive Posts On Twitter?

The quest to find those who have come back from the future all started over a poker game.

Astrophysicist Robert Nemiroff and his students were playing cards (for chips) last summer, chatting about Facebook. They wondered: If there were time travelers among us, would they be on social media? How would you find them? Could you Google...
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Time Travel is Possible, Say Scientists

The subject of time travel has intrigued both scientists and science-fiction writers alike for centuries, but now scientists are suggesting that the concept is theoretically sound.

Back in September of this year, UK physicist, Professor Brian Cox, declared that time travel was certainly possible, but only to the future and not to the...
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Time is NOT Like We Think it Is

One of the main dogmas of physics is that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, but at the CERN collider, some subatomic particles seem to have exceeded this speed, breaking all known laws of physics. Neutrinos sent through the ground from CERN toward a laboratory hundreds of miles away seemed to show up a tiny fraction of a second...
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To Find the Truth, Travel to the Past

History is always distorted, depending on who tells the tale. What if you could travel to the past to figure out what REALLY HAPPENED? New maps may help us to do just that.
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Quantum Time

In quantum physics (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), two linked particles, once they are separated, follow the exact...
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Is Time Travel Possible?

Quantum physicists such as Stephen Hawking think time travel is possible, and Anne Strieber thinks that the Visitors are time travelers. If so, what are they trying to change?

The Discovery Channel website "The Daily Galaxy" quotes Hawking as saying, "When a distinguished scientist states that something is impossible, he is very...

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Time Travel

In her new Insight, Radio host Anne Strieber writes: "I predict that in the future, we will learn how to travel through time. This won't happen in 2010, but it MAY happen in the next decade." She also tells why she thinks the Grays are time travelers. And if you're a contactee, have you ever seen the black box? If you got our FREE weekly email...

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Time Travel May be Real in the Future

We may not be able to travel into the future, but a new idea for a time machine may allow future generations to travel to the past. If this has already been invented, perhaps UFO encounters are examples of these travelers visiting US?THEIR past.

This time machine is based on bending space-time until it forms a loop. In,...

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Time Travel Will be Real Someday

Israeli physicist Amos Ori has developed a theoretical model of a time machine that could allow future generations to travel into the past.

Previous theories of time travel are well grounded in Einstein's General Relativity theory. Physicist Stephen Hawking has called time travel "an important subject for research," but has also...

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Can Some People See Into the Future?

Psychologist Dick Bierman thinks that some people avoided 911 because they saw it coming by looking into the future.

The Evening Standard reports that Bierman believes that "ordinary people really do have a sixth sense that can help them 'see' the future," and quotes him as saying, "We're satisfied that people can sense the future before...

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More REAL Magic

In a recent Dreamland, quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf told Whitley that time travel could be real. Those of you who follow this website know that we've been having our own time travel adventures. Now Starfire Tor, along with her magician friend Brandon Scott, have done MORE investigating about exactly may have happened to Starfire and Anne...

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Time Travel--More Confirmation

On July 19, Whitley Strieber wrote about what seemed to be a time travel experience, during which he says, "I was given a sheet of paper that felt more like plastic than paper. Today he discovered that this device is REAL and may become common in the near future.

Whitley wrote, "It could be folded, and would stay folded, but when it was...

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Starfire Speaks: It's REAL Magic

On May 4 on Dreamland, Whitley Strieber interviewed Starfire Tor, who claims many unusual experiences involvingdistortions of space and time. After the interview, Whitleyand Anne Strieber had a small one, which they more-or-lessattributed to being affected by the interview. But now theyrecently visited the Magic Castle in LosAngeles, a...

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Speaking the Language of the Birds

South America's Aymara Indians of Bolivia, Peru and Chile, have a reverse concept of time: for them, the past is ahead and the future behind. A time traveler might think this way.

A Jesuit wrote in the early 1600s that the Aymara language was particularly useful for abstract ideas, and in the 19th century it was called the "language of...

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Time Travel--Real or a Dream?

A description of either a remarkable dream or experience has been received by, and is published with the kind permission of its author. It could be that actual movement through time might feel something like this. Click here to read this incredible letter.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old...

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Is Starfire Tor a Real Time Traveler?

This week's Dreamland guest, Starfire Tor, has amassed years of evidence that suggest that she may be a time traveler from the future. Modern physics says that time travel is by no means impossible. If the future has become able to do this, it could be sending people back to its own past, which would be our present. Whitley thinks that the...

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Time Travelers on a Road in France

As part of our new Communion Letters, we heard fromSusan, who writes: "There is a road in France that we lived next to in 1994 that had been there since Roman times. As I was going to market one mid-day, I saw an odd sight walking towards me, a young man." Was he a time traveler? Don't miss this amazing true experience!


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A Place Where Time Travel is Real

Physicist Michio Kaku says he knows of nothing that makes time travel impossible and "In the laws of physics, if it's not forbidden, it's mandatory. This is pretty much proven every time." And an amateur explorer says he's discovered a portal where time is altered.

In, Alan Boyle quotes Kaku as saying, "Over the last 10 years...

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Time Traveler Trades Stocks? Don't Invest in It!

Federal investigators have arrested investor Andrew Carlssin, who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2256, and says this is why he's had such incredible success in the stock market. The Security and Exchange Commission says, "We don't believe this guy's story?he's either a lunatic or a pathological liar. But the fact is, with an initial...

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