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Weekender - The Science of Thanksgiving

TheThanksgiving holiday is a time to reflect upon all of the good things in our lives, and to give thanks for them. Some would argue, however, that our world would be a much better place if 'thanksgiving' became a daily practice rather than a once yearly pursuit, and it appears that science has now found proof to substantiate this viewpoint....
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A Post-Thanksgiving Feast for Listeners and Subscribers!

Subscribe today and you can listen to Whitley Strieber talk about his experiences and powerful emotions upon his return to his old cabin in upstate New York for the first time in fourteen years. When he lost the cabin, just at the height of his contact experiences, he vowed never to return, but two weeks ago, he finally did. Dreamland listeners...

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Next Year: Thanksgiving on the Moon?

Scientists now say there is DEFINITELY water on the moon, LOTS of it.

In the November 13th edition of the New York Times, Kenneth Chang quotes NASA's Anthony Colaprete as saying, "Indeed yes, we found water." They actually found it by accident, when a satellite called Lcross crashed into a crater near the moon

NOTE: This...

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How to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner

You may love to eat white mashed potatoes with your turkey, but sweet potatoes are better for you. Nutritionists tell us we need to eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables, even in space (and we all know how important green is)!

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Beware: TV Makes You Fat

What's the secret of success of people who lose lots of weight and keep it off for many years, despite all the delicious Thanksgiving dinners they eat? (Anne Strieber has done this and you can too!) When you push away from the table and turn on the football, consider this: A new study suggests that the number of TVs in your home may play a...

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Want to Save Money on Black Friday?

Eat turkey on Thursday! - Eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and mashed potatoes makes consumers less likely to buy on impulse, which might affect the outcome of their shopping on Black Friday, historically one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year.

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How did it start? - We all know that Thanksgiving didn't REALLY start with the pilgrims, but how DID it start?

The current version of Thanksgiving was created by a journalistic crusader, and would have been unrecognizable to the Pilgrims it supposedly honors. The holiday came about through fifty years of relentless...

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