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Facebook Can Be a Pain in the Neck

In today’s technology-thirsty society, it’s rare to not see someone with their head down texting on their cell phone or reading the latest status updates on Facebook.

However, too much texting and tilting your head down can become a pain in the neck for some people. An excessive amount of leaning your head forward and...
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Careful What You Tweet!

Tweeting false information could put you in jail. During Superstorm Sandy, a Twitter user spread misinformation by tweeting that the New York Stock Exchange "is flooded under more...
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Twitter Can Detect Psychopaths

So if you're corresponding with someone online who uses certain words and phrases, cut off the contact--FAST! There are more of these folks around than you might suspect. This might also be something to pay...
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Is Email Evil?

Is email evil? People are doing so much texting that they're getting arthritis in their thumbs. One French internet executive has banned internal email, starting in 2014.

In BBC News, Tom Chatfield quotes author Kevin Kelly as saying that the idea of "wanting is not just for humans. Your dog wants to play Frisbee. Your cat wants...
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People Lie When Texting

A new study reveals that sending a text message leads people to lie more often than in other forms of communication.

The study involved 170 students performing mock stock transactions in one of four ways: face-to-face, or by video, audio or text chatting....
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What's Wrong With These People?

Whether or not cell phones are dangerous to their users, they're dangerous to the REST OF US when drivers talk or...
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