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Hormone Horrors

Hormones that mimic estrogen are turning up in many of the plastic items we use, and estrogenic herbicides are feminizing male animals and fish. Some male frogs now have female organs, and some male fish even produce eggs. In a Florida lake contaminated by these...
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It's Your Fault, Mom!

If you're a male who was "born bad," Mom can save you, but she can also be the root of the problem, which is why Moms need to be smart!

By comparing the testosterone...
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How Fatherhood Changes Men

The (mostly) male hormone testosterone drops after a man becomes a parent, probably so that he will care for his infant, rather than try to kill him or push him out of the nest, as some other creatures do.
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Do You Have Aggressive Fingers?

The length of a man's fingers reveals how physicallyaggressive he is. The shorter the index finger is comparedto the ring finger, the more aggressive the man. This is aresult of how much testosterone a fetus was exposed to inthe womb.

The Scotsman reports that University of Alberta (Canada)researcher Peter Hurd discovered this by...

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