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U.S. Fears That Terror Groups Could Seize Radioactive Materials

The U.S. and Iraqi authorities have serious concerns that terrorists may be gaining access to nuclear and radioactive materials to use in some form of major terror attack.

A State Department official has revealed that the hard-line terror group, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIS or ISIL), has now taken control...
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Should the Pope Speak Out?

The Pope has allegedly been identified as a target by the terrorist group The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

This intention apparently follows the Pope's condemnation of the terror organization's recent actions, when they beheaded a number of Christian victims. The Pope is a known pacifist and has been outspoken...
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Terror Threat Received Days Before Flight MH370 Went Missing

Information just made available by China Airlines has indicated that Beijing International Airport received a terror threat just a few days before the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 went missing.

The identity of the terrorist is still unknown but he declared an affiliation with the East Turkestan Liberation Organisation....
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Al-Qaeda Threatens Athletes

Al-Qaeda has threatened chemical attacks against athletes participating in the World University Games in South Korea. The Korean National Intelligence Service says,"We received a tip from a governmental agency that the Universiade games is a possible target for an Islamic terrorist attack. All our security is on high alert." 7,000 athletes from...

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Syria Finding Terrorists for U.S.

President Assad of Syria says his country?s intelligence operatives, who are notorious for using torture to get information, are secretly cooperating with American agents in the fight against al-Qaeda. He?s miffed because Syria, which has been our enemy for many years now, is not getting any credit for their efforts. He?s threatening to...

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How Dangerous Are Dirty Bombs?

Science and military experts disagree somewhat on the potential devastation that would be caused by the explosion of a dirty bomb, like the kind the accused al-Qaeda terrorist Abdullah al Mujahir was allegedly planning to build.

They all agree that a dirty bomb is not the same as a conventional nuclear weapon, which produces intense...

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INS ?Too Busy? to Check Out Terrorist Suspects

Murry Weiss writes in the New York Post that cops in New York had to free a suspicious gang of illegal Middle Eastern immigrants because the INS "didn't want to be bothered" on Memorial Day weekend. The police couldn?t figure out if they were the hard-working immigrants they claimed to be or a terrorist cell, so they had to let them go. They...

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New Fears for Apartment Dwellers

In Maitland, Florida, residents of an apartment building found a terrorism warning posted on their doors. Tenants in Renton, Washington received a warning letter from their landlord. This is the result of a recent FBI warning, which was sent to the agency's field offices, that al-Qaeda has threatened to rent apartments with the intention of...

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Bush Was Warned About 911

Senior administration officials have admitted that President Bush's daily intelligence briefings in the weeks leading up to the September 11 terror attacks included a warning of the possibility that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network would attempt to hijack a U.S.-based airliner. However, there was no speculation about the use of an airplane...

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Sept. 11 Hijackers Are Alive

Abdulrahman al-Omari, who was named by the U.S. Department of Justice as one of the suicide hijackers of American Airlines flight 11, the first airliner to crash into the World Trade Center, is alive and living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He was astonished to find himself accused of hijacking, as well as being dead. He?s gone to the U.S. consulate...

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Syrians Sign Up for Flight Lessons reports that in the past two days, 14 Syrian men entered Texas on student visas to attend flight schools at Fort Worth?s Meacham International Airport. The State Department lists Syria as a state sponsor of terrorism. Other counties on the watch list are Iraq, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Libya and Sudan.

The Syrians,...

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