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Bases on Standby Alert

Fighters at 26 airbases across the United States are in standby alert to protect the 103 nuclear reactors in the country and to react immediately if any aircraft begin moving in an unsual manner or divert from course.

Law enforcement agencies and the armed services within the continental US are at an unprecedented level of alert.


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Terrorists Had Our Secret Codes

After the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Secret Service experts quickly changed government codes. Official sources now confirm that the terrorists knew the White House?s codes and a number of secret signals, meaning that Air Force One, containing President Bush, could have become the terrorists? next target.


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Iraq, Sudan Implicated in bin Laden Pact

As intelligence services try to prove who was behind the New York and Washington attacks, evidence is increasing that a secret pact was formed between Osama bin Laden, Iraq and Sudan to wage a terrorist war against the United States.

The pact, forged in 1998, led to Iraqi experts helping to build a chemical weapons factory especially for...

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Nuclear Power Plants Could Be Targets

The Nuclear Control Institute has told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to immediately activate an emergency plan developed several years ago for protecting nuclear power plants against terrorist attack. NCI President Paul Leventhal spoke with NRC Chairman Richard Meserve on the telephone shortly after the World Trade Center attacks, to convey...

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Cropdusters Grounded by FAA

The National Agricultural Aviation Association announced today that crop dusters were prohibited to fly by order of the FAA on Sunday, September 23. The prohibition continues until 12:05 AM on Monday.

For the NAAA announcement, click here.

There is serious concern that a biological or chemical attack is intended as a followup to...

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Taliban Say No to bin Laden Surrender

The Taliban Ruling Council today rejected US demands to turn over Osama bin Laden and his associates, opening the way for a threatened American military response.

The Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, stated in an Islamabad news conference: "Our position in this regard is that if the Americans have evidence,...

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Surprising Interview With 'No Such Thing As Doomsday' Author

Whitley has just posted an incredible interview with Philip Hoag, author of No Such Thing as Doomsday. Hoag discusses the world political situation as you are absolutely NOT hearing it in the media, and details just what may be unfolding on the world stage at this time. Included is a discussion of bioweapons and how they may be delivered that...

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New Inside Interview: The Immediate Threat

Whitley interviews leading intelligence expert Col. John Alexander on the immediate threats that might be facing our country, if the Attack on America moves into a second phase. The possibility of biological, nuclear or chemical attacks are discussed in this 28 minute interview, as well as the reasons why we had no early warning, and what needs...

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Where Do Terrorists Come From?

Where do terrorists come from? How can you convince someone to commit suicide in order to kill innocent civilians, by strapping on a bomb or piloting an airplane into a building? An English school librarian who witnessed Muslim pupils celebrating the terrorist atrocities in America says she believes that fundamentalists who follow an extreme...

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Pakistan Delivers an Ultimatum: bin Laden or "Horrific Retribution"

According to Dubai's Gulf News, Pakistani Interservices Intelligence Chief Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed, who has been in consultations in Washington, is now in Kabul to deliver an ultimatum that the Taliban face "horrific retribution" that includes the use of neutron bombs unless they turn Osama bin Laden over to the international community.


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The Mystery of Eleven and the Attack on America

The number eleven is a prime number in numerology, including Abjad numerology, which is the basis of much popular belief in the Moslem world. Officially, numerology is not part of Islam. Given the recurrence of the number eleven in events surrounding the Attack on America, it seems possible that the terrorists were believers, and made an effort...

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Israeli Sources Suggest 2 US Strikes Soon: Afghanistan and Iraq--Unless We Get bin Laden

Sources in Israel are reporting that Israeli defense officials expect the initial US response to the Attack on America to involve two phases. The first phase will be an air attack on installations in Afghanistan connected to the Osama bin Laden organization. This attack will be carried out from bases in the US, Turkey, possibly Pakistan and off...

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Beyond the Disaster: What Will the Markets Do Monday?

Wall Street is set to open Monday, and Americans everywhere are worried. This attack was carefully timed; it came at one of the most fragile points for US markets and the US economy in many years. European markets fell sharply after the attack, then slowly rose and are now falling again. Asian markets dropped, then held steady and have begun to...

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Things We Can Do: Be On the Lookout

The FBI has released a list of the suspected hijackers who took part in the recent terrorist attacks on the U.S. Before the attacks, these people usually lived quiet, normal lives among the rest of us, in the suburbs of the United States.

If you knew any of these people and have any information about them?especially about their friends...

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Site to Honor Day of Mourning will be honoring the fallen today, by participating in our country's day of prayer and reflection. We will only be posting news stories we regard as absolutely urgent. The site will continue normally beginning on Saturday.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed...

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Yasir Arafat and the Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan have both condemned terrorist attacks on the United States. From Kabul a Taliban spokesman said that Osama bin Laden, the Saudi Dissident, "could not have been responsible for the attacks on the United States." He said that "this could have been the act of internal enemies of the United States...

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