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Waging War in the Name of God

Anne Strieber posted this Diary entry on September 17, 2001: Last week I attended a typical charity dinner, celebrating the raising of $15 million to make needed additions and renovations to San Fernando Cathedral here in San Antonio. It was an ecumenical event and ministers from several faiths stood up and gave speeches. I noticed how nervous...

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What Next?

Whitley Strieber posted this Journal on September 12, 2001: September 11, 2001 was the worst day of all of our lives. In that awful sense, it brought us together in a new way. The images that haunt me--the doomed woman stretched to her limit, leaning out of a window above the flames; the dark shadow that seems to cover the second plane as it...

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This Time It's Us

Anne Strieber posted this Diary on September 12, 2001: When the World Trade Center in New York City was reduced to rubble by terrorists on Tuesday, September 11, it hit me especially hard, because I lived in New York for 30 years and it will always be my hometown. I wasn?t fond of the Twin Towers?I remember watching them being built and...

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FBI Dropped the Ball--Again

As we approach the anniversary of 911, we hope that the FBI will get intelligence information about the NEXT terrorist attack. But it's hard to feel hopeful when we hear about yet another time they dropped the ball before September 11, 2001. Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, who was an aide to the former Taliban foreign minister, says he was sent to warn...

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Terrorism Warning

The US government has announced that there is a "high risk of terrorist attacks" at the present time. This is the first such announcement since March. U.S. officials issued the warning after intercepting "background chatter" electronically that suggested that attacks may be directed toward New York and Washington in the near future, to mark the...

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Palestinians Behind Lockerbie Crash

Before his death, the Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal claimed his Fatah Revolutionary Council was responsible for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland that killed 270 people. Abu Nidal was killed on August 15 in Iraq, after he refused a demand by Saddam Hussein to help train al-Qaeda agents. Atef Abu Bakr, Nidal's...

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U.S. Supported Iraq?s Bioweapons

A Reagan administration program provided Iraq with military planning assistance against Iran even though we knew Iraq planned to use chemical weapons, according to senior military officers who wish to remain anonymous. This went on while we were publicly condemning Iraq for using poison gas on the Kurds. One DIA officer says that chemical...

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Al-Qaeda Was Here a Decade Ago

Al-Qaeda terrorism in the U.S. may have started a decade ago, with the assassination of a radical Rabbi Meier Kahane in New York City. On November 5, 1990, as a crowd gathered in a hotel to hear him speak, deadly shots rang out. The gunman, El Sayyid Nosair, was wounded in a battle with police. A search of his home led to a "treasure trove of...

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New Airport Security: Mind Reading

Besides x-ray machines, metal detectors and old-fashionedpat-downs, airport security will soon be able to read ourminds. NASA has told Northwest Airlines they're developingbrain-monitoring devices which can receive and analyzebrain-wave and heartbeat patterns, then feed that data intocomputerized programs "to detect passengers who...

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Terrorists Use Poison Bombs

Palestinian bomb-makers have found ways to make their bombseven more dangerous by putting rat poison into them. Thepoison used in the Jerusalem bus bombing of June 17 was ananti-coagulant that caused survivors to bleed uncontrollablyfrom their wounds.

Palestinians want to "increase the number of casualties--tokill more people," says Van...

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Al-Qaeda Hacked

A hacker in Maryland used his computer to attack al-Qaeda.Using ordinary Web tools, Jon Messner, was able to take overthe domian name of al-Qaeda's website Heobtained ownership of the site on July 16 in the short timeit took al-Qaeda to transfer from a server in Malaysia...

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Saudis are Dangerous Friends

The Rand Corporation think tank has told the DefenseDepartment that the U.S. should threaten Saudi Arabia withmilitary and financial measures unless it ends its supportfor Islamic terrorist groups. They warned that the Saudiroyal family supports al-Qaeda and spends billions of dollars onanti-Western religious activities throughout the world....

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Did Bin-Laden Do It?

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf isn't convinced thatOsama bin-Laden was behind the September 11 attacks. "Ididn't think it possible that Osama sitting up there in themountains could do it," Musharraf says in a New YorkerMagazine interview. "He was perhaps the sponsor, thefinancier, the motivating force. But those who executed itwere much...

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Unexpected Dangers of Terrorism

Terrorists who blow up buildings--or themselves--may beeven more deadly than they seem.

Suicide bombers not only bring death, they can bring diseaseto the victims who survive. Israeli doctors have discovered that hepatitis and other blood-borne diseases can be passed on from their flying bone fragments.

When Itzhak Braverman and...

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Saudi Seminaries Teaching Terrorism

Arab countries are funding 7,000 Islamic seminaries aroundthe world that train young terrorists. The funding comesmostly from Saudi Arabia and is sent to seminaries incountries such as Bosnia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Rep. Edward Royce, a California Republican, recentlyreturned from a trip to the Middle East. He says U.S. alliesin...

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Terrorists Among Us

Five thousand al-Qaeda terrorists are secretly living in theU.S., according to intelligence agencies. Small groups ofabout a half-dozen men in Seattle, Chicago, Detroit andAtlanta are under surveillance by the FBI.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld says some al-Qaedaterrorists have fled to the U.S. from Afghanistan. "Theyclearly have...

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Terrorists Stealing Flight Crew Uniforms

When it comes to airport security, the news has focused on the shoe bomber and the terrorist shooting at the LAX El Al ticket counter. But in the background, something less dramatic but potentially even more dangerous has been going on?burglars have been sneaking into the hotel rooms of flight crews and stealing their passports, I.D. and...

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Terror Via Computer

Until recently, the U.S. thought al-Qaeda was too unsophisticated to attack in cyberspace and figured they would continue trying to attack us with airplanes and dirty bombs. Now they?re changing their minds.

The FBI and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have been investigating a suspicious pattern of surveillance of computers...

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Warning of July 4 Attack

The FBI has issued regular warnings of possible terrorist attacks since September 11 and none of them have come to pass. We?re relieved, but it has caused us to start to tune these warnings out. The FBI is afraid the American public is undergoing "threat fatigue," so they?ve started issuing secret warnings to state and local law enforcement...

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Schools Bring Terrorists to the U.S.

"In a very critical sense, the U.S. has delegated its role in selecting immigrants to thousands of institutions whose incentives do not coincide with the national interest," says George J. Borjas of the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that wants stricter immigration rules. He?s talking about the fact that most of the 911...

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U.S. Can?t Avoid More Terrorism Attacks

CIA Deputy Director for Operations James Pavitt warns that a new terrorist attack is unavoidable, despite all efforts to prevent it and the fact that the CIA is now "stealing more secrets" than ever.

"Now for the hard truth. Despite the best efforts of so much of the world, the next terrorist attack -- it's not a question of if, it's a...

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911 Prediction that May Be Real

We?ve heard many urban legends about psychics who predicted the September 11 events (although we didn?t hear about them until after the terrorist attacks happened). We?ve heard creepy stories that appear to be true, about school children from Middle Eastern families dropping hints about what was to come. Now the story of another 911 prediction...

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Suspected Terrorist Stowaway Found in Italy

Italian police found a terrorist suspect stowed away in a shipping container with a Canadian passport and maps and security passes for Canadian airports. When they discovered the mysterious Egyptian man, he was well dressed, clean-shaven and equipped with a computer, an expensive satellite telephone, two other mobile phones and cameras. He also...

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Most Hijackers Did Not Know It Was Suicide

FBI investigators have officially concluded that 11 of the 19 terrorists who hijacked the planes on 11 September did not know they were on a suicide mission. Unlike the eight lead attackers, who were all trained pilots, they did not leave messages for friends and family indicating they knew their lives were over. None of them had copies of the...

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Some NY Mideasterners Got 911 Warning

Federal investigators have received evidence that some Middle Easterners in the New York area were warned ahead of time to stay out of lower Manhattan the morning of Sept. 11, according to the New York Daily News. The FBI was able to confirm several such warnings but has been unable to discover their source.

Agents with the FBI?s Joint...

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Stealth Terrorism

Contamination of Street Drugs:

After the World Trade Center was reduced to rubble on September 11 and now that the Pentagon has a major hole in one side of it, we?re all waiting for the next shoe to drop. Most of us are worried about contaminants being dropped from the air or slipped into water supplies. But future attacks may not come...

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Do Gas Masks Work?

Gas masks are flying off the shelves in U.S. and European cities due to fears about possible biochemical attacks, but experts warn that without proper fitting and training the masks could be useless or even deadly.

?They have to be used at precisely the right time and in precisely the correct way,? says Brian Davey of the Organization...

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Florida Man Has Anthrax

A Lantana, Florida man has been hospitalized with pulmonary anthrax, according to Florida health officials. US Secretary of Health Tommy Thompson said that there was no evidence of terrorism being involved. The last case of anthrax reported in Florida was in 1974.

Anthrax can be found in soil and is carried by livestock. The Florida...

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Ashcroft: Terror Attacks 'Clear and Present Danger'

Attorney General John Ashcroft said today on CNN'S "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" that there could still be terrrorists operating in the US and that more attacks are possible. Ashcroft said, "it's very unlikely that all of those associated with the attacks of September 11 are now detained or have been detected."

NOTE: This...

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Insight: Have You Stopped Eating Well?

During a time of stress like this, we tend to eat less well. This is the last thing we need. Our bodies need good nutrition as never before. A wise Dreamland listener who is also a grocer has noticed that people have stopped buying for good meals. To read her thoughts, click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on...

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