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WTC Towers Collapsed by Explosives

On 9/11 we saw two planes crash into the World Trade Center on TV. A couple of hours later, both towers collapsed. Steven E. Jones, a physics professor at Brigham Young University, thinks the hijackers may not have brought the towers down with their planes?that explosives had to have been planted inside them ahead of time, in order to create...

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How Australia Prevented Terror Attack

LA recently foiled terrorists by reading their emails. Now Australia reports that they have also been able to arrest a group of terrorists before they could act.

Kathy Marks reports in the Independent that hundreds of Australian police have staged raids that netted them a group of arrests of men who they believe were planning to commit a...

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Secret US Prison Camps

No matter how we feel about the torture of prisons and whether or not it is sometimes necessary, most of us were shocked by the photos from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Many of us are worried about what may be happening in our Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. Now the international organization Human Rights Watch has discovered secret US prisons...

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Best Terror Strategy?Stay at Home

The recent and continuing terrorist attacks in London have left Americans shaken and nervous. Where is the best place to go to avoid the effects of terrorism, especially if terrorists hit chemical plants, releasing dangerous gases? The answer is not to run?you're safest if you stay at home.In the first specific study of how to protect yourself...

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Whitley's Journal: A Nation in Peril

In his latest Journal, Whitley writes: "There is a significant likelihood that the United States is going to experience a nuclear attack. This attack will probably take the form of the destruction of more than one American city, and will be designed to cause maximum casualties. The reasons for this are many, chief among them the fact that there...

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News from London

An reader from London writes: "I was onmy way to work in the tube (Bakerloo) when the bomb in thefirst Circle Line train detonated. There was no awareness ofit where we were, but the train stopped in the Regent's Parkstation. A moment later, we were told to evacuate the trainand go to the surface. This frightened me, because...

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When Anti-Terrorism Goes Too Far

When Thomas Butler noticed vials of plague bacteria weremissing from his Texas Tech University lab, he informed theFBI?and was put in jail for doing it. "I've sat down withTom's children," says his attorney Jonathan Turley. "I'vetried to explain what has happened to their father, but Ican't. It's about as rational as getting hit by alocomotive...

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911 Film Shows Startling Scenario

"911 in Plane Site," a film by Dave VonKleist and WilliamLewis, is being screened at various theaters. It showsactual network footage taken during the September 11 crashesinto the Pentagon and World Trade Center, but it's sloweddown in order to reveal new, never-seen-before images. Oneof these is a shot of the plane hitting the second tower,...

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New Journal & Coral Castle Photos

In his new journal,Whitley writes about a possible war between Iran and Israel,now that Iran may have a nuclear bomb. He says a widerMideast war is on the way, and we are not going to see itcoming, because we have lost crucial intelligence resourcesin Iran due to the loss of 'outed' spy Valerie Plame.

GeorgeNaruns believes that a...

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Is Osama Dying?

Despite speculation that Osama bin-Laden may already bedead, recent tapes and videos have convinced intelligenceservices that he's still alive. Since we now know why he'shiding (in an inaccessible mountainous area on the border ofAfghanistan and Pakistan), why don't we just go get him? Weknow he has a deadly disease, so we may feel it's easier...

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Privacy: A Thing of the Past

Privacy International in the U.K. has given out its sixthannual Big Brother Awards, in the form of a golden statue ofa boot stomping on a head. They're mailed out, since no onehas ever shown up to collect one in person.

Michelle Delio writes in that the awards are givenout for Worst Public Servant, Most Invasive Company,...

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Terrorists Easily Cross Border

People who are worried about terrorists sneaking over theborder into the U.S. say they successfully brought a fakeweapon of mass destruction into the country. The group wantsto show how easy it is for terrorists to sneak deadlyweapons across the Mexican border.

Mike King says, "I mean, you have people with backpacks,bottles of water and...

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The New Pirates

Al-Qaeda terrorists are becoming the new pirates. They'vebought at least 15 ships in the last two years, creating amodern pirate fleet. Their targets are civilian ports, oilrigs and cruise liners.

Joseph Farah's G2Bulletin reports that the ships fly theflags of Yemen and Somalia, where they're registered, andare capable of carrying...

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Are Terrorists Crazy?

Terrorists may act like madmen, but psychologists say theyare actually sane, ordinary people. Most al-Qaeda terroristsare middle class family men. Two-thirds have collegeeducations (a tenth even have a postgraduate degrees) andseven out of 10 are married with children.

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Have We Got Osama?

Every once in a while, a rumor comes along saying we have captured Osama bin-Laden. Then an audio or video tape is released by al-Qaeda, proving he's still alive and free. Some of these tapes are more convincing than others. Now a U.S. congressman has hinted that we have Osama in captivity.

WorldNet Daily says that in a speech in India,...

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Upon Seeing Fahrenheit 911

In her latest Diary, Anne Strieber writes: "I recently saw Michael Moore's incendiary documentary film 'Fahrenheit 911.' There are plenty of comments on the film in the media already, so why should I add mine??because I disagree with many of the film's ideas, yet feel it is imminently worth seeing."

NOTE: This news story,...

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Texas Terror

Despite vigilance on the border, illegal aliens regularly sneak into Texas from Mexico, and now Middle Eastern terrorists are starting to do it too. In a small South Texas town, an illegal immigrant aroused suspicion by asking customers about explosives that could blow up several city blocks. He was also seen taking photos of skyscrapers in...

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We Need to Be on Guard?Not Just Against Terrorists

Anne Strieber writes in her new Diary about an important article by Richard Rorty in which he says, "I don't think the Bush administration is filled with power-hungry crypto-fascists?But I do think the end of the rule of law could come about almost inadvertently, in both the U.S. and Europe, through the sheer momentum of the institutional...

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Terror Bugs

On Dreamland recently, Michael Carroll talked about Lab 257, a germ lab situated near a Long Island suburb, that may have unleashed Lyme disease and West Nile. Now we've learned that researchers want to open a new germ lab?in Boston! One easy way to use germs as weapons? Send them to your enemy on insects.

Lee Dye writes in

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FBI Agent Warned of 911 Months Before it Happened

Sibel Edmonds, a former translator for the FBI who speaks Azerbaijani, Farsi, Turkish and English and has a top-secret security clearance, says the claim by Condoleezza Rice that there was no information about al-Qaeda planning airplane strikes before 911 is "an outrageous lie" because she provided that information to the government herself, a...

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New Fertilizer Can't Make Bombs

Ever since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, in which a truck filled with fertilizer parked outside was used as a weapon, Homeland Security has worried about terrorists using fertilizer bombs. They've already been used in Baghdad. Now a major company has created fertilizer that cannot be turned into a bomb.

Anil Ananthaswamy writes in...

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A New Domino Theory

In 1954, President Eisenhower described what he called the "domino theory" with regard to Vietnam, saying that if we didn't defeat Communism there, one country after another would fall. Now "Der Spiegel" in Germany reveals that al-Qaeda has a "domino theory" of its own, starting with Spain.

Tom Williams has translated an article by...

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Osama Will Blow Himself Up if Captured

There are covert reports coming from intelligence agencies that the U.S. either knows where Osama bin-Laden is hiding or has already captured him. A new report says he's surrounded by bodyguards who have been ordered to kill him before he's apprehended. He has also strapped bombs to his body, so he can commit suicide rather than be captured.

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Suicide Bombers May be Coming Here

A recent Israeli army raid on Palestinian banks found payrolls for terrorists who were being trained to commit suicide attacks in the U.S. and Europe. In the raids, Israel seized between 6.5 and 9 million dollars in cash from four bank branches. Most of it had been deposited by Iran, Syria and Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas especially to fund...

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Worried About Bioterrorism? Add Roaches and Mice to Your Kitchen

Ordinary things are being bio-engineered to do extraordinary tasks. You may think roaches and mice are revolting, but if they can help detect bioweapons, you may actually want to have them around in the future.

Michael Stroh writes in Popular Science that materials scientist Jeff Brinker has come up with a way for roaches to detect...
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Terrorists Targeting Texas Coast

We recently reported a possible terrorist incident in Texas where security guard Robbie House was shot by a Middle Eastern gunman who escaped, after the guard caught him taking photos of a huge ammonia storage tank. Now the FBI says there was no terrorist and the guard must have shot himself?but last year, they named the tank as a possible...

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Why International Flights Cancelled

Robert Uhlig writes in the (U.K.) Telegraph that flights from Europe to the U.S. are being cancelled lately due to fears that a "suicide bomber" who intentionally contracted a deadly, contagious disease, such as smallpox, is planning to board one of the planes and infect everyone on it, due to the recirculated air in the cabin. Uhlig writes, "A...

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Terrorist Plot in Texas

A security guard was shot at the site of a huge ammonia storage tank near the Texas coast by a gunman who looked Middleastern and had an Arabic accent, after the guard caught him photographing the area. He's being sought by the FBI, who think he may have been planning to explode the tank.The G2 Bulletin reports that the gunman escaped in a...

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Terrorists Getting Ready for Olympics

Athletes from countries around the world are getting ready to compete in the August, 2004 Olympics in Greece, and terrorists from around the world are getting ready to stage attacks there. Some of these terrorist groups are even cooperating with each other.

Western intelligence says these groups have been gathering and exchanging...

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Terrorists Recruited in Prison

How does al-Qaeda recruit terrorists in the U.S.??mostly in prisons. Bitter, disaffected inmates?especially racial minorities who may already feel they are not part of society?are ripe for recruitment and can be trained to participate in terror attacks when they get out. Besides the high cost of caring for our large prison population, this is...

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