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Times Square Evacuation False Alarm

A suspicious package was found in Times Square today and thearea was evacuated. The precautionary evacuation wascanceled after the bomb squad determined that the packagedid not contain explosives.

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Why NYC Car Bomber's Fuel Failed

If the would-be bomber had read (and we're glad he didn't), he would have KNOWN his fertilizer bomb wouldn't ignite, since we reported on this 3 years ago! Support the truth: Subscribe today. And if you love conspiracy as much as we do, don't miss Jim Marrs at this year's Dreamland Festival!

NOTE: This news...

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An Amazing New App

For your smartphone - Science triumphs again! If you've got a "smartphone," which is the "Swiss Army Knife" of cell phones, you're probably constantly looking for new "apps" to buy for it. Here's one you didn't expect: an app that detects toxic chemicals in the atmosphere.

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Water Wars

What we're REALLY fighting about! - Some researchers think that al-Qaeda IS NOT fighting a war of religion, it's fighting a WATER WAR.

On, Steven Solomon writes: "The unfolding global water crisis increasingly influences the outcome of America's two wars, homeland defense against international terrorism, and...

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Fewer Suicide Bombers

if marriage customs changed - Suicide bombers are recruited through a sad kind of conspiracy: According to promises made in the Quran, "When a martyr for Allah takes his place in Paradise, he will marry beautiful-eyed young women, will be spared the torments of the tomb, will not submit to the Day of Judgment and will have one...

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Recruiting Girls

As suicide bombers - As well as the potential of cyberattacks that would knock out Western computer networks, terrorists are using their own internet children's websites to recruit suicide bombers, especially among girls, who are faring the worst in these Jihadist battles.

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French Bread

What happened When We Put LSD in It? - There are new forms of terrorism being planned all the time, but countries (including the US!) were perpetrating vile experiments on their ALLIES as long as 50 years ago.

In the March 11th edition of the Telegraph, Henry Samuel writes about the "cursed bread" mystery of Pont-Saint-...

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New Kind of Terrorism

Our enemies are figuring out new ways to attack us all the time: There will be new forms of terrorism in the future, and one of these could be a cyberattack, which could knock out both cell phones and computers.

A cyberattack has been simulated recently in order to figure out what defenses need to be put in place, and like earlier...

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What's it REALLY all about? - As the face of terrorism changes, one reporter is asking a provocative question: "Who would benefit politically from a major terrorist incident on American soil, ready, willing and able to step into the breach and exploit the catastrophic loss of human life that would follow in its wake?" His...

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A New Kind of Terrorism

In his new novel Critical Mass (which will be given away to everyone who subscribes or renews for at least 6 months through January), Whitley Strieber describes how easy it would be to smuggle a nuclear device into a major city and use this to blackmail a country into adopting Sharia law. Now it turns out that future terrorism may not need a...

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Maybe it WAS Terrorism

We recently wrote a story about how the recent crash of an Air France jetliner looked suspiciously like it was shot down by a missile. This is the Critical Mass scenario, in Whitley Strieber's new novel, which postulates that terrorist organizations could hold countries "hostage" by hiding bombs in their major cities (and in this case, proving...

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A New Kind of Terrorism?

In the wake of the recent crash of an Air France plane into the Atlantic ocean during a flight from Brazil to Paris on June 1st, which killed almost250 people, it is interesting to note that a few days earlier, on May 29, a Continental Express pilot reported a "missile or rocket" flying near his airplane. The manner in which the Air France...

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New Terrorist Weapon

We can use it?but they can too - An electromagnetic pulse weapon that can "fry" the components of a jet plane can be built using information and equipment available on the internet.

In New Scientist, Paul Marks quotes Israeli counter-terrorist Yael Shahar as saying, "These will become more of a threat as the...

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A New Type of Terrorist

A new type of terrorist has emerged in recent years: the FEMALE suicide bomber. In his new novel Critical Mass, Whitley Strieber points out that in the Koran, committing suicide is a major sin, so these people are being seriously misled. We need to learn more about what's REALLY going on!

In December of last year, during a declared...

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How to Fence Them Out (or In)

With the same type of fiber optic cables used in telecommunications systems, researchers have developed a way to detect and pinpoint the excavation of tunnels during times of war, such as those used for smuggling weapons into Gaza. So is it possible they could help us locate Bin-Laden too? Another terrorist threat is still high on the list of...

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Attack on US Remains Greatest Threat

Whitley's new novel tells why - As he leaves office, President George W. Bush has warned Barack Obama that a terrorist attack on American soil remains the greatest threat that the United States faces. He said that he continued to receive a terror briefing every morning except Sundays throughout his term in office, and that "...

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Will our next president take the United States out of the torture business? Human rights experts says that torture and political imprisonment are on the rise in many countries around the world and the United States is setting a bad example. A famous experiment?done in the past and replicated recently?may help explain why this is.

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Where the Latest Terrorism Came From

There were 30 years of IRA terrorism in the UK, and then it was us. Now the recent horrific attacks in Mumbai have shown how difficult it is for developing states to be safe from terrorism. Since 2005, this is the fourth major attack in India, following bomb blasts and machine gun attacks in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Will this lead to war...

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Is Change Really on the Way?

In a story we posted on September 25th, we wrote: "The 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team will be deployed to the US mainland beginning on October 1 for 12 months." As if that wasn't bad enough, a New Scientist blog warns that the government is planning to use robots to spy on US citizens. As the New York Times points out, George W...

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A Real Threat...or Not?

In these political times, many candidates, as well as the incumbent administration, will be tempted to play the terrorism card, claiming that terrorist attacks are up and only their side knows how to combat this. But a database that keeps track of terrorist attacks says that the NUMBER of international terrorist attacks is actually going DOWN...

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WHY Are We Building Secret Detention Centers?

The internet has been abuzz with rumors that the government is building ominous detention centers. Now the San Francisco Chronicle reveals that this has been going on for almost 10 years as part of a Homeland Security plan called "ENDGAME." And as might be expected, they're being build by a subsidiary of Halliburton. But WHO are they for?

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Never Again

Timothy McVeigh used common fertilizer to build the bomb that ripped into the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995, killing 167 innocent men, women, and especially children. By mixing ammonium nitrate with fuel oil, he created a homegrown brand of terrorism. Now a researcher in Kentucky is working to make sure this never happens again.


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Terrorist Threat

The recent food scares from China turned out to be all about lax laws and corporate greed, but now that our food supply is international, it's vulnerable to terrorism. And Al Qaeda has just delivered another internet threat to the West.

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Bee Warning System

We've written about how mice and roaches can help detect bioterrorism. Now we've learned that bees can too?assuming there will be any left to do so.

Researchers have discovered that bees communicate with each other by doing what may be a quantum dance. Now a University of Montana research team has learned to understand the collective...

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How Did 911 Affect YOU?

Not everyone reacted the same way to the 911 terrorist attack. A study by psychologists has found that people's gender and ethnicity predicted their immediate response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks AND their general state of health over the next two years.

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Llama Anti Terrorist Tactics

There has long been speculation that innocent animals could be used to create bioweapons for terrorist attacks. But they could be used to detect these weapons as well.

If terrorists deploy a biological weapon, the molecules in the blood of llamas would warn us we were being attacked. Scientists would just have to look in the llama?s...

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New 911 Poll: We're Not Hearing the Truth

The Angus-Reid poll organization reports that a large percentage of the US population thinks that the government is NOT telling the truth about what happened on 911, as Jim Marrs reveals in his dynamic new book The Terror Conspiracy. 53% think the government is hiding something and 28% believe the government is lying.

Art credit:...

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Fighting Terrorism on Airplanes

The recent thwarted terrorist threat to airlines in London has made us all even more nervous about taking flight. What are scientists doing do help keep dangerous chemicals off planes? And what will we do if terrorists begin to target non-humans?

While it might be very difficult to detect benign chemicals that could make an explosive...

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Why Did We REALLY Invade Iraq?

President Bush and his cabinet were determined to invade Iraq, despite the fact that the country was not a threat to the US. A newly-leaked memo discloses that Bush considered starting a war with Saddam Hussein by getting him to fire first, by flying a spy plane with UN markings over Baghdad. Andy McSmith writes in the Independent that the memo...

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Chemical Weapons in Iraq

We've learned more about our use of chemical weapons in Iraq. Besides white phosphorus, we may have used napalm. While we are certainly justified in using all weapons against an enemy that it attacking us, we are supposed to be in Iraq in order to change hearts and minds. The Iraqis never attacked us before we invaded their country.

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