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Where Was the Shroud All Those Years?

?It was hidden by the Templars! - The shroud of Turin, which is supposedly the burial cloth of Jesus, seemed to surface suddenly in the late nineteenth century, which give rise to the theory that it was a modern forgery (the Catholic church created many of these "relics" in the past). Where was it all this time? William Henry...

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Discovery of a Buried Templar Church

Six months ago on Dreamland, we interviewed William F. Mann, who talked his family tradition of secret knowledge of the 14th century Templar crossing from Scotland to Canada that happened hundreds of years before Columbus arrived. Now North America's oldest church, probably built by the Templars, may have been discovered beneath a small town...

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Is the U.S. Really a Christian Country?

The recent controversies about stones and plaques containingThe Ten Commandments being placed around town halls invarious places in the U.S. brings up the question of whetherthe U.S. was started by Christians. Most of us wouldautomatically say "yes," but in William Henry?s startlingnew DVD, ANation Under God, he reveals some hidden realities...

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