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Mind Reading

If rats can do it, we should be able to do it too.

A new computer program helps humans to do it. A new video game headband allows a person to use his mind to wag at rat's tail.

To send his command, he looks at a strobe light flickering on a computer screen, and a set...
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Scientists Induce Telepathy between Rats

Researchers have discovered that rats can be made to communicate telepathically across long distances. Scientists trained rats in North Carolina and Brazil to work together to solve problems in return for a drink of water. In the first experiment they had to press the correct...
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How to Read Someone's Mind

"Contactees" commonly report that aliens "talked to them inside their heads," meaning they communicated with them telepathically. Often these people communicate with them right back, the same way, and a whole conversation takes place inside two heads. Soon, human-to-human speech may be the same way.
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Scientists Will Soon be Able to Read Our Minds

There is some evidence that the so- called "Visitors" can read our minds--we DO know that they communicate with people mentally. Humans may soon learn to do this too: By monitoring the brain activity of people while they watched movie trailers, researchers were able to use MRI scanners to recreate a movie similar to the real footage...
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Join a Telepathy Experiment

If you're interested in ESP and live in the US, British researcher Rupert Sheldrake (who has been interviewed on Dreamland) has a telepathy test he'd like you to join. To register, click here. You enter...
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