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Should We Replace Those Old Fillings?

Should we get our mercury-amalgam fillings replaced--or would it be easier just to grow new teeth?

A common test used to determine mercury exposure from dental amalgam fillings may significantly overestimate the amount of the toxic metal released from fillings. While scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings slowly release...
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How Do We Recognize People? By Their Teeth!

Anne Strieber asked herself this question after she recovered from a brain aneurysm and found she had a hard time doing it. Later, she found out that sometimes...
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Brush Your DOG'S Teeth Too!

Get your dog ready for that Christmas party: Buy him a nice red sweater and BRUSH HIS TEETH! The problem isn't just bad breath: By the age of 3, about 80% of dogs and 70% of cats already have gum disease...
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How to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Brush your teeth! - Over the years, we've given you lots of tips about how to improve your memory, but brushing your teeth?

Researchers says that keeping your teeth brushed and flossed can help preserve your memory because gum disease has been linked to moderate memory loss. Researcher Richard Crout says, "Older people...

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Your Teeth Tell All

Better make friends with your dentist, because he knows all about you. By looking at your teeth, he can tell what's going on in your life and in the rest of your body. A good dentist can spot diseases like heart disease and diabetes in their early stages. They know if you have AIDS, osteoporosis or leukemia. And no matter how much you deny it,...

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Are Your Fillings Killing You?

Pamela MacArthur was a healthy artist whose body suddenly started to twitch. She had nightmares and her face erupted in boils so painful that it hurt to roll over in bed. Doctors suggested drugs for acne and psychological disorders, but MacArthur?s dentist had the solution. He removed nine metal fillings and replaced them with plastic...

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