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Wild Video Games Produce Reckless Drivers

Psychologists have long argued about whether or not video games are dangerous for kids, but thing's for sure: They're bad for their DRIVING skills. And with the majority of fatal auto accidents involving teens, this is not good news.

Teens who play mature-rated...
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Can Teen Cars Drive Themselves?

The teenaged brain is not yet fully formed, which may be the reason why teens have the greatest percentage of auto accidents. Before they buy their kid a car, many parents would like to...
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Violent Teens

New research shows us that kids who are raised by gay parents are doing OK, and so are in-vitro (IVF) kids. But some teens are violent--what makes them that way?

A new study has discovered that children conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF) perform at least as well as their peers on academic tests at all ages from grade 3 to 12. This...

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And When He's a Teenager...

What kind of driver will he be? - No matter what kind of car they have, we all know that teens are terrible drivers. Since he may not have someone watching over him constantly, what can you do? Now there's a solution!

Researchers have developed an automobile ignition key that prevents teenagers from talking on cell...

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Watching Wrestling Leads to Fights

If you want your teens to have a happy social life, DON'T let them watch wrestling on TV?especially if they are GIRLS. A new study shows that the frequency of adolescents viewing wrestling on TV is positively associated with date fighting and other violent behaviors. According to Nielsen ratings, wrestling is one of the top 10 cable TV programs...

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Teen Brains in Chaos

Scientists say that adolescent brains are changing so rapidly that they find it hard to process basic information, which leads to emotional and social problems. Their ability to recognize other people's emotional states is significantly reduced starting at age 11 and doesn't return to normal until they?re around 18 years old.


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