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Fertility Drugs Produce Shorter Kids

Among children born full term, those conceived with the help of fertility drugs are slightly shorter than naturally conceived children but overall are physically healthy.

Researcher Tim Savage says, "Reassuringly, these children remained well within the normal height range for both their sex and age."
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Tall Power

Maybe the powerful really do feel bigger than the rest of us, which may be why they boss us around. A recent study finds that the psychological experience of power makes people feel taller than they really...
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Tall People Get More Cancer

Being tall has been linked to a greater risk of 10 common cancers, and scientists can't figure out why. They think it might be because tall people have more CELLS which can be invaded by the disease.

For every four inches above five feet in height, a person has a 16% increased risk of coming down with cancer. Statistics show that...
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