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WE are Funding Al-Qaeda and the Taliban

Pakistan's economy is almost entirely dependent on American taxpayers. The Pakistani military submits claims every month to the US Embassy in Islamabad and receipts are neither provided nor requested. Most of this money goes to fund the Taliban and al-Qaeda. And they need that money: In the May 16 edition of the New Yorker, Lawrence Wright says...
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Why Dec. 12 is Dangerous Date

U.S. intelligence fears that al-Qaeda may launch a new terror strike on December 12, because it?s an important date in the Muslim calendar. December 12 is the 27th day of the Muslim holy month Ramadan, and is the day on which the Koran was completed and given to the Prophet Muhammad. Anyone who dies on this day can expect to receive forgiveness...

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Afghanistan Farmers Planting Poppies Again

It?s planting season in eastern Afghanistan, and farmers are busy plowing their fields for next year?s crop of poppies that will eventually be turned into heroin and shipped to the streets of the U.S. and Europe.

A few weeks ago, many farmers were planning to plant wheat. But now that the Taliban have gone, along with their ban on drugs...

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U.S. Mosques Infiltrated by Terrorists

Dave Eberhart, of, reports that Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of America (ISCA), has renewed his 1999 warning to the State Department that brainwashed Islamic extremists have infiltrated U.S. mosques and Muslim student and community groups. ?Through the universities, there will be the most...

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Taliban Told Not to Surrender in Dream

The Taliban have abandoned plans to surrender their spiritual heartland in Kandahar because of a prophetic dream Mullah Mohammed Omar had, according to his brother.

The southern city of Kandahar was where the Taliban first emerged, and Kandahar is where they are taking their last stand. It is one of only two cities in Afghanistan still...

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Pakistan Secretly Sending Aid to Taliban

The Taliban is secretly receiving military and other supplies from Pakistan, according to U.S. officials. The goods, including ammunition and fuel, are being sent with the help of some officials in the Pakistani government.

Government officials, speaking anonymously, say the trade is approved by officials of the Pakistani military and...

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British Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared to suggest that war against Afghanistan was immiment today when he said at 10 Downing Street that military conflict will take place "unless the Taliban change and respond to the ultimatum given them."

The Taliban have refused US demands to turn Osama bin Laden over.

According to the...

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