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Superstorm To Be Made Into Major Movie

Twentieth Century Fox won a ferocious bidding battle for "The Day After Tomorrow," a script based in part on the book ?The Coming Global Superstorm? by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. This will be a big-budget, high-concept film in which the world is ravaged by global warming. The picture will be directed by Roland Emmerich, who directed "...

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Superstorms May Hit U.S.

A shift in the climate has taken place that has brought about an increase in major hurricanes. The period of heightened activity could last for decades, and unleash a catastrophic storm anywhere along the U.S. coast from Texas to Maine.

Since the climate shift began six years ago, the number of hurricanes that have formed in the...

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New Study Says Ocean Currents Failing

In an eerie and disturbing confirmation of a major part of the scenario popularized by Whitley Strieber and Art Bell in their book, the Coming Global Superstorm,a scientific study just published in the prestigious British scientific journal Nature confirms that North Atlantic ocean currents essential to climactic stability appear to be failing...

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British Storms Worsen--Blair Says Climate Change

Some of the worst weather in history continued to sweep across the United Kingdom today, with even higher winds and more rain expected Monday. British Prime Minster Tony Blair, while touring Shropshire on Friday, said that the government would have to address the issue both nationally and internationally. The climate crisis is going to be...

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Unusual Weather Formation Appears

A massive weather formation has developed that is nearly nine thousand miles long, stretching from the equatorial Pacific into the northern part of the northern hemisphere, driving moist tropical air from the Pacific deep into the United States.

The formation is causing flooding in previously drought-afflicted Texas, and is driving a...

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Powerful Storms Sweep Northern Europe

Another "storm of the decade" similar in intensity to storms that struck Europe last December has swept across northern Europe, killing at least thee people and doing billions of dollars worth of damage.

The worst weather hit Great Britain, with the southern half of the country thrown into chaos. France, the Netherlands and Sweden were...

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British Scientists Confirm Superstorm Scenario, Issue Warning

According to Professor John Lowe of London University, global warming could cause a mini ice age in the British Isles within a few decades. This would be part of a radical global change in climate that he believes is not far off. Research using ice cores in Greenland indicates that this climate shift could unfold in the UK and northwestern...

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The North Pole is Melting

On Saturday, August 19, 2000, the New York Times reported that the North Pole is melting. "The thick ice that has for ages covered the Arctic Ocean at the pole has turned to water, recent visitors there reported yesterday." For the first time in fifty million years, there is open water at the very top of the world. "It was totally unexepcted,"...

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Ocean Warming Confirmed

A critical part of the sudden climate change scenario is that the oceans must warn enough to melt substantial amounts of polar ice. This will flood the polar oceans with fresh water, causing temperatures in these oceans to rise. This will weaken the fundamental currents that exchange heat across the planet, leading to the kind of weather...

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Icebergs Disappear

For only the second time since monitoring began in 1912, there have been no icebergs reported in North Atlantic shipping lanes. The International Ice Patrol reports that anywhere up to a few thousand bergs normally drift southward from western Greenland to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. Iceberg season, which runs from February to the end of...

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