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Sun Unleashes X-Class Flare, And More Could Be On The Way

The sun's solar flare activity appears to be hotting up: a massive X-Class solar flare erupted early on Sunday (Oct. 19) from a huge sunspot, and astronomers fear that this could just be the beginning of a spate of sizeable flares.

Solar flares are explosions of energetic radiation that can have potentially devastating effects on our...
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Solar Flares may be Changing Radioactive Particles on Earth

Researchers have discovered a link between solar flares and radioactive elements on Earth. Amazing as it sounds, the sun, 93 million miles away, seems to be influencing the decay of radioactive elements inside the Earth. David Sereda talks with William Henry...
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Sunspots Not the Problem

Alas, it's us humans - People are in denial about climate change (and other things as well), but no matter what they say, scientists insist that sunspots and solar cycles are not the cause of current global warming.

The idea that sunspot activity is the cause of global warming just isn't true. The problem started with...

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Earth's Future May Be a FROZEN One

...rather than a hot one - For the past two years, the sun has undergone a phase of relative inactivity, meaning usual solar phenomena such as sun flares, sun spots, and solar eruptions have all but disappeared. "It's a dead face," researcher Saku Tsuneta says of the solar surface.

Tsuneta is with the National...

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Sunspots Returning?But Strangely

Sunspots are returning, just as predicted. But they're not acting as they were expected to. Is this a good thing for global warming?On January 24, a reverse polarity sunspot appeared in the sun's northern hemisphere. Such a sunspot usually marks the beginning of a new solar max. But the new spot was followed by a period of solar silence?no...

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Sunspots at Record High

We may be entering the largest solar cycle ever recorded. While the sun is not responsible for global warming?human emissions are behind that?sunspots CAN make things worse?just when we thought we might be getting a reprieve.

In BBC News, Dr. David Whitehouse reports on a drilling of ice cores in Greenland that reveals that the sun is...

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Incredible Sunspot Photo

Despite the fact that the maximum activity period of the 11-year solar cycle was supposed to start winding down last February, solar activity remains at a very high level, making this one of the largest solar maximums recorded so far. Sunspots affect the weather, as well as cellphones and radio and television transmissions. To see an incredible...

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Unusual Solar Storm

Earth was struck by an unexpected proton storm from the sun on Thursday, August 16. The proton count around our planet rose to 1000 times normal. Scientists were taken by surprise, both by the storm itself and by the speed with which it reached earth.

Normally, proton storms that reach earth come from the side of the sun facing our...

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Strong Solar Shock Wave Hits Earth

NASA's ACE spacecraft recorded a strong interplanetary shock wave at 0025UT on March 31st. The shock wave struck earth's magnetosphere 30 minutes later. The leading edge of the wave was proton-dense and strongly magnetic.

These are characteristics that can lead to significant geomagnetic disturbances. The shock wave may be the first of...

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