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Salt Has a Bad Reputation

Sugar can make you stupid and margarine makes you aggressive and salt gives you high blood pressure, right? Wrong.

Nutritionists used to tell us that salt would raise our blood pressure, cause...
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Sugar Makes You Stupid

Margarine makes you aggressive and sugar makes you stupid. Those are certainly two reasons to stay away from fast food!

A new study of rats shows that a diet high in fructose slows the brain, hampering memory and learning. Fructose is the type of sugar in fruit...
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Like Sweets? It's Because You're Sweet

If you’re dealing with a crabby co-worker or exasperating friend this season, maybe you should offer them some cake or cookies, because a new study has discovered that eating sweets make you sweet.

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Is Your Boss Eating Too Many Sweets?

Something suspicious is going on: Although they are supposed to be brainy, our bankers have not been making a lot of bad decisions lately. Is this because they've been on a diet?

It's always hard to wait for an investment to pay off, but it's often worth the wait, especially if the reward will be larger. But sometimes the temptation for...

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