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A Heartbreaking Job

Whether or not you're glad that Obama won re-election, Here's something you should know (and it applies to BOTH sides of the political spectrum): Ten of the nation's 44 presidents likely suffered strokes during their presidencies or after leaving office. Seven of them--John Tyler,...
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Heart Attacks May Have Saved Us

Can a bird have a heart attack? (They have high blood pressure, just like we do). Cardiovascular disease may be an unfortunate consequence of mammalian evolution. In other words, heart attacks may have evolved as a human survival mechanism, so what...
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Stroke Destroys Man's Ability to Feel Disgust

Science News - After a stroke, a 25 year old Englishman now has an odd symptom: he can no longer feel disgust. The specific areas in his brain that were damaged are the ones that process feelings of disgust when looking at certain images, such as an overflowing toilet or a smelly dead body.

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