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Whitley Strieber on the Jerry Pippin Show

Whitley Strieber is presently appearing on the Jerry Pippinshow, the first major interview he has done about hisupcoming book the Grays. He discusses some of the reasons hewrote the book, and where he thinks the rapidly-changingclose encounter situation is going. Are the grays good, orare they dangerous? If so, will they ever attack us? And...

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Whitley Strieber's Easter Journal

For Easter, Whitley Strieber offers a journal entry about the meaning of faith. And if you think you know what that's about, you'd better read this remarkable and unique statement.Click here.

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Wasn't Whitley a Conspiracy Theorist? His New Journal Entry Tells It Like It Is

Whitley at his most controversial.

In a chilling new journal entry, Whitley Strieber explores why he is not a follower of the garden-variety conspiracy theorists, and why you shouldn't be, either. But he also discusses disturbing evidence that there is good reason to believe that serious abuses have taken place, and that urgent reform...

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Whitley Reads from Last Vampire

This week's Inside Interview features Whitley Strieber reading a chapter from his new book, the Last Vampire. Whitley has returned to fiction to try to uncover the hidden meaning of some of his experiences.

His early fiction--the Wolfen, the Hunger, Black Magic, the Night Church and Catmagic--all eerily foreshadowed his close encounter...

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Whitley's 4th of July Message: the Fading Light of Freedom

In his Fourth of July message, Whitley Strieber makes the point that secrecy is the enemy of freedom, and calls for fundamental reform of the National Security Act of 1947. He mirrors the statement made in the Key to the effect that government secrecy "is murdering America," and points out that our freedoms are lost if we do not go to war in...

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New Whitley's Journal--Greer's 'Galactic Federation' a Fantasy

Dr. Steven Greer recently organized a highly successful press conference at which a number of government and military personnel came forward and discussed their UFO experiences. After an initial chill, the conference received surprisingly good press coverage, with one or two exceptions.

However, even the existence of the close encounter...

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