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Weekender: Mindfulness Over Matter

"Mindfulness" is becoming the latest buzz word being applied as a solution in almost every industry, profession and human condition in the developed world. In British newspapers published in 2004, the term was used in articles just twice, yet ten years later that figure had risen to 150 mentions.

But what is exactly is...
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Can We Google The Secret To Happiness?

There isn't much that you can't find out via Google, but can you really find the secret of "happiness?

Stress and dissatisfaction are common issues in the workplace; in fact, across the world the insidious march of depression's "black dog" is claiming more and more victims. Statistically, depression in the global...
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Weekender: Can Childhood Stress Shape Our Lives and Affect Our Destiny?

Stress, anxiety, depression - these are all familiar terms in our modern lifestyle. But why are these conditions so prevalent in society? Where are the seeds of discontent sown?

A new study, published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, reports that stressful situations experienced in childhood can have a lasting and very negative...
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Your Stress Response can become a Genetic Legacy

Scientists are discovering that chronic stress can alter gene expression, and consequently "stress", or our body's response to it, can be passed down through generations as an unwanted legacy from our predecessors.
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Stress May be GOOD for You

Not the awful stress that so many people encountered on 9/11 (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows) but just a LITTLE...
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Dads Pass Stress to Their Daughters

Dads have a lot to answer for. A study conducted with mice suggests that a woman’s risk of anxiety and dysfunctional social behavior may depend on the experiences of her parents, particularly fathers, when they were young. The study suggests that stress caused by chronic social instability during youth contributes to...
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CEOs Have LESS Stress

Those of us who watch TV shows like "Mad Men" and movies like "Wall Street," assume that CEOs lead more stressful lives than the rest of us--but actually, the opposite is true. It turns out that heart attacks happen more often to the people who work under them....
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Stress on the Night Shift

A lot of unemployed people are settling for any job they can get, and in many cases, this means cooking fast food or being a waitress or waiter in a restaurant. If this is your first job that involves shift work, it can be tiring--but is it DANGEROUS? Is it bad for your health?

A recent...
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Why Stress is So Serious

Stress can make you fat, and it can do a lot WORSE things too--it can make your cancer spread faster. Chronic stress acts as a sort of fertilizer that feeds the spread of breast cancer. Researchers have discovered that stress is biologically reprogramming the immune cells...
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It Can Make You Sick

Stress can make you fat and fat can make you sick.

A new study shows that social stress can lead to heart disease by causing the body to deposit more fat in the abdominal cavity, speeding the harmful buildup of plaque in blood vessels, a stepping stone to the number one cause of death in the world. If we're stressed, we tend to overeat,...

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Yet Another Reason to be Stressed

Stressed? Most of us are at one time or another, and the last thing we need is for our immune systems to let us down during busy times. But if you're under stress, you'll get sick more often. And if you get Swine Flu, you may have to deal with the military: the Defense Dept. wants to establish regional teams of soldiers to assist civilian...

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The Stress of Terrorism

The US Department of Homeland Security's color-coded system for warning the public of the risk of a terrorist attack may be causing the general public a lot of stress, but it does NOT put too much stress on law enforcement officers?no matter what it's doing to the rest of us. Basically, these days we could all use a good laugh, and yoga...

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The Worst Killer

The war on terror is bad for everyone's health. Stress is affecting our soldiers AND our citizens, who are developing heart problems related to constant terror alerts. Will this still be going on in 2008? Experts say that the chances of the average person in America dying at the hands of terrorists is comparable to the risk of death from eating...

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