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Freak Storms Wreak Havoc On Both Sides Of The Pond

After a freak storm killed one person and hospitalized nine more on Venice Beach Sunday afternoon, a similar bizarre weather event brought the English South Coast to a standstill today.

Feet of water fell in less than an hour in the seaside town of Brighton, Hove and Worthing, devastating homes and bringing traffic and trains to a...
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Valentine's Day Madness: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Floods and Superstorms

Across the world it was a volatile Valentine's Day last week, with superstorms raging, the earth trembling and volcanoes erupting.

More than 7,000 properties in England and Wales were left without power after gale force winds of up to 173km per hour (108mph) battered the United Kingdom.
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More Severe Storms Worldwide

The eastern half of the United States and parts of Canada have been assaulted by a severe snow storm which has left 16 people dead.

The snow storm, named as "Hercules", left some areas buried under two feet of snow and was so severe that both the governors of New York and New Jersey had to declare states of emergency....
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Another Severe Storm Hits Britain

Another severe storm lashed the U.K. on Monday, leaving two people dead and a trail of destruction in the wake of its fury.
Many rail, air and ferry services were disrupted, and it was chaos on the nation's roads, with the U.K's Network Rail declaring that storm damage was worse than that caused by recent super-storm Jude.

The U...
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Europe Hit By Worst Storm for 60 Years

When it comes to predicting weather patterns, Whitley Strieber's forecasts are uncannily accurate. Beginning last summer, Unknown Country's Climate Watch began warning that violent weather would be seen in Europe and that flooding would be likely during the winter months. That prediction has...
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Another fatal storm hits the US

It seems as though wild weather events have rarely been out of the headlines recently. It has been a bleak weekend in some parts of America after yet another fatal storm blasted its way through five US states.
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Study Predicted Increase in Severe Storms

 The assault on the Mid-West by a total of 81 tornadoes has left 8 people dead, and more may be still buried amongst wreckage.

Indiana saw 23 tornadoes and Kentucky 13, but Illinois suffered the brunt of the storm when it was struck by an incredible 43 tornadoes, leaving at least six people dead and seven counties declared...
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Storm Leaves Midwest without much Damage

The storm system that developed yesterday over the midwest did not result in much damage. It has now moved east and will build again today, and there remains the possibility of tornadoes and damaging winds, including the high speed straight-line wind known as a derecho, which can move up to 80 miles and hour.

Weather conditions...
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Rivers Across Central Europe Burst Their Banks. Prague Evacuations.

Rivers Across Central Europe Burst Their Banks. Prague Evacuations.

Rivers across Central Europe rose above flood stage as parts of Prague flooded along banks of the Vltava River. So far, two people have died in flooding in Germany and Switzerland, and two are known dead and one missing in...
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At Least 17 Tornadoes Slam Midwest: 9 Dead, 71 Injured. We Offer Safety Advice.

Tornadoes stalked the Midwest once again last night. At least 17 twisters were reported across five states, with the greatest concentration in Oklahoma and around Oklahoma City in particular. So far, 5 people had been reported killed and 71 injured. There has been extensive property damage both from high winds and from the flooding that...
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Powerful Storms Sweep Midwest

Powerful storms swept the midwest last night, and more are expected as an unseasonal cold front crosses the region, colliding with equally unseasonal warm air that has been pouring up across the region from the Gulf of Mexico. The National Weather Service reported 'hundreds' of tornadoes across the region yesterday, and more are...
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Agony in the Midwest

The midwestern United States continues to suffer violent weather due to a powerful flow of warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico that is colliding with cooler air from the north over the region. Since last winter, the region has suffered wave after wave of violent weather, with more tornadoes recorded so far in 2008 than at any similar period...

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US Weather Mayhem: Storms, Fires Kill 17

Ten people were killed as tornadoes swarmed across themidwest, while wildfires racing across the Texas panhandlekilled seven. The same weather system that drove the winds that spread the fires in Texas generated the tornados farther north. Springfield, Illinois was especially hard hit, withstraight-line winds gusting in excess of a hundred...

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Mysterious Storms Hitting U.S.

A season of increasingly bizarre and violent weather has continued with devastating tornadoes in the United States on May 4-5, with the storm system rebuilding on May 6. These storms have devastated communities in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee, and have taken 38 lives.

This is not the first episode of unusual and extremely...

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