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Items are racing out of our store FAST. We put on our super sale in order to make room for an extraordinary group of new DVDs, which can all be found on our website store. Keep reading for a description of each one. And remember: subscribers can take an additional 10% off every item!

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Tut, tut

Our tee shirts are almost sold out! They are now available in Large and X-large only. XX Large shirts are gone, which makes us think that maybe some of our fans out there need to lose a little weight. When it comes to dieting, use your common sense?or use ANNE STRIEBER'S common sense! Weight loss is a form of healing and Anne...

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EVEN MORE Books on Our Sale Section!

UPDATE - So many of you are snapping up the wonderful bargains on the sale section of our web site store, that we've added FIVE NEW items! You can trust your vibes about secret societies and William Henry's Egypt, learn about the ripple effect, and find out that, when it comes to UFO experiences, you are NOT alone. Keep reading...

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The Key is Back!

The Key,our most popular book, is back in stock in our store afterselling out literally thousands of copies! It's onlyavailable here on If you're notfamiliar with The Key, keep reading to learn more about thisextraordinary book.

At three o...

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Free Stargate DVD

We're again giving away a free Stargate DVD with every orderof a book byWilliamHenry. This popular DVD is a recording of a lecture Williamgave and cannot be purchased?it's only available as agiveaway with every William Henry order. This offer is onlygood while supplies last, so don't delay! And listen toWilliam's interview with Richard Hoagland...

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Our Zeta Reticuli Giveaway is Over

Two hundred lucky Dreamland customers who acted quickly received the wonderful 30-page Zeta Reticuli booklet with their orders, in which many astronomers and scientists express their opinions about the star map drawn by Betty Hill during her world-famous UFO abduction in 1961. The Zeta Reticuli Incident was published in 1975 and these are...

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William Henry Free DVD Offer

So many of you took advantage of our offer to include a free William Henry DVD with every order of William Henry's books that William's shelves in our store are almost bare and we're temporarily out of DVDs. William is in Egypt right now, but he promises to send us more books and more free DVDs when he returns. So you might have to wait a few...

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Guess Who's Back?

Jim Marrs, that's who, with his wonderful book War on Freedom, about what he considers to be one of the ultimate conspiracies of modern times.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Yes, it's That Season Again

But this year we've made it easy for you, because here at, we've put together a wonderful Christmas section, with items selected from all over our store that we think will make especially wonderful gifts. We've got a beautiful calendar you can't get anywhere else, divine music, experts on meditation, facts about UFOs and...

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Big Spring Book Sale

We've put a selection of some of your favorite books from our unknowncountry bookstore on sale at $2 off?or more. Now you can afford to read some of the books you've been dying to take a peek at. Don't delay?some titles only have a few copies left! Whitley's books are all on sale too.

NOTE: This news story, previously published...

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Great Whitley Strieber Sale!

Prices slashed on the Path and the Key, both books now $14.95. The autographed hardcover of the Superstorm now $7.95 WHILE THEY LAST. Everything else $1.00 to $4.00 off! PLUS if you buy ALL EIGHT Whitley books, you get an ADDITIONAL discount of 20%!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links...

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Discounts on Our New Store

Because you love the store, we've been able to make it better and more powerful than ever before. When you use our NEW store, you not only get immediate confirmation of your order, you get an email when it ships, with tracking. Plus, our shipping rates are now so low that you get UPS or priority mail shipping for what book...

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New Items on Sale

We?re revamping our store?and making it better than ever. Starting June 7th, we?ll have a new 24 hour/7 day-a-week 800 number, so you can order during the show. We just moved our stock to new a new fulfillment house and we?ve discovered that with some titles, we have a little bit of this and a tiny bit of that, so we?ve added lots of new items...

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