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Study Reveals Stonehenge Sited Next To U.K's Oldest Settlement

Wiltshire is historically known as one of the most weird and wonderful counties in the United Kingdom, being home to the Wiltshire "White Horses" carved into the rolling downs, the enigmatic Avebury stone circle, numerous longbarrows and burial mounds, the mysterious...
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World's Oldest Known Calendar found in Scotland

Scottish archaeologists have discovered the world's oldest known lunar calendar--a series of 12 large, especially shaped pits, around 10,000 years old, that were designed to mimic the various phases of the moon. The pits align perfectly on the midwinter solstice in a way that would have helped the hunter gathers of Mesolithic Britain keep accurate...
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Stonehenge Far Older than Thought

Authors such as Graham Hancock have claimed that the real human past is very different from what conventional research suggests and now conventional archaeological methods have revealed that Stonehenge, long thought to date from 2,500 BC, actually dates from 5,000 years before that, or 7,500 BC.

Excavation near Stonehenge found remains of...

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Stonehenge Was Both Hospital and Burial Ground

More than 50,000 cremated bone fragments, of 63 individuals buried at Stonehenge, have been excavated and studied for the first time by a team of archeologists. The skeletons were discovered due to a renovation of the area around the ancient monument reveal...
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The Impact of Ancient Sounds

Why did ancient peoples, without modern construction equipment, struggle so hard to build huge monuments? These monumental structures are found all over the world, from Easter Island to the pyramids of Egypt. Recent research suggests that they all have a common characteristic: they may have been specially designed to conduct and...
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Stonehenge: Inspired by Music?

It's long been known that Stonehenge is laid out as a prehistoric calendar, and it may also be a type of ancient hospital. Now there's a third explanation for the stone formation: It may have been laid out...
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Shadow of Stonehenge

The "shadow" of a small wooden version of the Stonehenge monument has been found about half a mile away from the Stonehenge site (which is in the center of crop circle country). It offers the promise of much more exact dating than has been possible with Stonehenge, because unlike stone, the remains of the wood replica can be carbon dated....

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ANOTHER Stonehenge Discovered!

Archeologists say there was a second Stonehenge only a few miles from the first one (the area where most of the crop circles turn up every year).

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Another Stonehenge Found

...while searching for crop circles - There are crop circles and there are crop circles. Researchers who search for new formations from airplanes have recently spotted the outlines of circles that are actually ancient monuments. They were spotted about 15 miles away from Stonehenge and are even older.

Closer inspection...

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More Mysteries Discovered at Stonehenge

It was a place of healing! - A new archeological dig is beginning at Stonehenge in order to establish, once and for all, the date it was built. The researchers think that the gigantic structure was created as a place of healing.

This may have been the reason for the placement of the smaller bluestones INSIDE the giant...

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Ancient Mysteries Finally Decoded

Solar calendars and sun cults were an important part of indigenous American cultures, from the Hopi in North America to the Incas in Peru. Now a mysterious group of towers in Peru has been discovered to be a solar calendar, like Stonehenge. Another discovery shows that the Vikings, who may have been the first foreigners to travel to North...

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Who Built Stonehenge?

We've posted many news stories over the years about trying to discover the identity of the builders of Stonehenge. Now archeologists have found a entire workers' village of about 25 houses buried about 2 miles away from the prehistoric observatory. It may also have been a kind of hotel where festival-goers could stay, where there was once a...

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Stonehenge in France

Lately we've been reporting on a Stonehenge that has been discovered in Brazil. Perhaps the imminent destruction of the Amazon rainforest in that country is leading us to discover these mysterious structures. Now another Stonehenge has been discovered, this time in France.

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More on Brazilian Stonehenge

Two months ago, we reported on a Stonehenge that has been discovered in Brazil. Now archeologists are learning more about it. Here's what points to the idea that the huge rocks may be a calendar, like Stonehenge is: on December 21, which is the shortest day of the year, the shadow of one of the blocks disappears.

It was important for...

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Another Stonehenge?in Brazil

Several years ago on Dreamland we interviewed two researchers who had evidence that prehistoric man traveled long distances by sea. The famous Stoneghenge in England is between 4,000 and 5,000 years old, and Stonehenge-type calendars have been found in other places, all over the world. Now a structure which is similar to Stonehenge and which is...

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Another Stonehenge Found in Russia?

Russian archaeologists believe that they have discoveredanother Stonehenge. The 4,000 year old structure appearssimilar in construction to Stonehenge, and means that theculture that created the famous British site might have beenestablished across a vast area of the world in prehistory.

In addition to the remains of the structure found...

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Mysterious Face Carved in Rock

Archaeologists studying prehistoric stone carvings near Scotland have found an amazing carving of a face that is much more sophisticated than the other primitive stone art in the vicinity. The question is, where did it come from?

Rocks with simpler markings on them are thought to have been made thousands of years ago by Neolithic and...

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Seeing Ley Lines

Ley Lines are magnetic lines that criss-cross the Earth. Early humans may have been able to detect them, since many prehistoric monuments, such as Stonehenge, are built along them. Migratory birds may be able to see them and use them as a map.

"A fascinating possibility is that [birds] may actually see the earth's magnetic lines as...

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Ancient Building Secrets Discovered

Wallace T. Wallington has figured out how ancient civilizations like the Egyptians moved giant blocks of stone before they discovered the wheel. He says, "It's more technique than it is technology. I think the ancient Egyptians and Britons knew this."

Kim Crawford writes in the Flint Journal that Wallington has several 10 ton blocks in...

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Old Churches Reveal Early Knowledge of Astronomy

Scientists are discovering that there are representations all over the Earth that accurately depict the positions of the stars in the sky, as they looked at the time when these buildings and earthworks were created.

Archeologists didn't understand why the three pyramids at Giza in Egypt weren't in a straight row, until they realized they...

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Stonehenge Mastermind Came from Afar

Almost every culture has legends of wise men coming from far off, bring secrets with them that formed the basis of the new culture. We can see evidence of this at Stonehenge. DNA tests on the skeleton of the man known as the "Amesbury Archer," who was buried with a arrowheads near the site of this giant construction, reveal he wasn't English,...

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Secrets of the Past Revealed

A Stonehenge-like observatory that's 2,000 years older than the Stonehenge in England has been discovered in Germany, using satellite photography. And linguists trying to decipher the ancient hieroglyphs of the Mayans now have help: They've discovered an Indian tribe that still speaks the Mayan language.

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Ancient Stones Never Moved

The stone circle of Avebury in Wiltshire, England, like the construction at Stonehenge, was built in prehistoric times. A 1720 map shows that many of the megalithic stones have been missing for hundreds of years, but now they've been found in a surprising place.

New technology has revealed that at least 15 of them are still where they...

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Ancient Swiss Bodies Found Near Stonehenge

Archeologists who dug up the remains of a Bronze Age archer at Stonehenge last year have found the remains of four adults and two children nearby. They came from Switzerland and may have been involved in building Stonehenge, in the area where crop circles are the most frequent and the most complex.

The group of people is believed to have...

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Stonehenge Built as Female Symbol

The reason Stonehenge was built 4,800 years ago remains mysterious. Archeologists have speculated that it was a place of worship or an early calendar. But a gynecologist thinks its design may be based on female genitalia. Gynecologist Anthony Perks first got the idea after noticing how the inner stones are arranged more in an egg-shaped pattern...

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Identity of Stonehenge Builder

The famous prehistoric construction of Stonehenge in the U.K. is fascinating because, like many other megalithic structures, no one knows exactly how or why it was built. It's in the part of Great Britain that has become famous for elaborate crop circles every spring, meaning it might be the site of some sort of Earth energy. Archeologists now...

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Mystery Site was Medieval Observatory

The recent eclipse has revealed that a puzzling medieval site in Africa is actually an astronomical observatory. The main part of the mysterious construction known as Great Zimbabwe is called the Great Enclosure, which was built in 1200 AD and is made up of over 16,000 cubic feet of stone. Archaeologists assumed it was once a royal palace. But...

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Grave of Stonehenge Builder Found

A 4,000-year-old grave found near Stonehenge is one of the richest early Bronze Age sites ever discovered in Europe. "It's a fantastically important discovery both for the number of artifacts found in that grave and the range of artifacts. It's absolutely unique," says Gillian Varndell, a curator of the British Museum's prehistory department....

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Stonehenge Reveals its Secrets

Three pieces of broken deer antlers that were excavated 80 years ago at Stonehenge may tell scientists the date when the outer circle of gigantic stones was created.

Building Stonehenge took thousands of years. The outer Sarsen circle, made of huge stones the size of buses, is believed to have been created centuries after the inner...

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Evidence That Stonehenge Isn't Authentic

The famous 4,000 year-old circle of stones in the midst of Crop Circle country that is known as Stonehenge may not be authentic, a new report says.

Researcher Brian Edwards has discovered photographs that show fallen stones being hauled into place using cranes and scaffolding in restorations over the past 100 years. He says he has proof...

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