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Scientists Can Now Make Stem Cells "To Order"

Research into regenerative medicine is an area where significant progress continues to be made, and the latest breakthrough has been heralded as a "major scientific discovery."

Two recent studies published on Wednesday in the journal Nature outline a ground-breaking new method of creating stem cells merely by dipping blood...
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Doctors May Soon be able to Turn Back Time

Scientists from Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) have made ground-breaking discoveries that could help to reverse the ageing process.
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New Source of Stem Cells could Revolutionize Medicine

The use of stem cells is one of the most important breakthroughs in medical history. They can be used to recreate many body parts and are even being found to be a tool against cancer. But harvesting them has been notoriously difficult--until now.

It seems that harvesting stem cells for therapy might one day be as simple as asking...
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Grow New Body Parts

Medical miracles happen all the time--maybe someday soon, one of them will benefit YOU (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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Need a New Heart? PRINT It!

There is a great shortage of organs for transplanting to people who need them--in the UK, for instance, the average wait for a new heart has risen 70% over the last 3 years and patients needing a new kidney have to wait 20% longer. This organ shortage is killing 3 people a day there (and probably many more in the US), but this probablem is finally...
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More Miracles on the Way

It's another miracle! During the Easter season, we begin to think about miracles, but these days PEOPLE are doing them. As medical knowledge...
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MORE Good News about Stem Cells

Stem cells are seen as the future of medicine, but the current administration's opposition to creating them from human embryos has caused scientists to get creative. Now Ian Wilmut, who cloned Dolly the sheep over ten years ago, says that animal embryos can perform the same function.

Wilmut thinks the solution is to inject human DNA...
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Good News About Stem Cells

This administration has been adamantly against stem cell research based on embryos, so scientists have been trying to figure out how to create these valuable medical tools, which can be turned into almost any kind of replacement organ, in another way. Now they think they can be made from our own skin.

Embryonic stem cells are unique...

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Headless 'Organ Bank' Bodies Now Possible

Indian scientist P. B. Desai suggested in a speech last weekthat it should be possible to remove genes from embyros thatcould be used to create harvestable organs for adults inneed of organ transplants.

The organs would be grown in "bodies," that would mimic thematuring effect of a normal human body, but would lack abrain or head. These...

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Stem Cell Research OK in CA

California has adopted a new law permitting scientific research on embryonic stem cells, despite rejection of the use of federal funds for the same type of research by President Bush. The Senate is still considering legislation that would ban this type of research completely. Along with recent legislation regarding the use of medical marijuana...

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