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Weekender: ASpIRE - New Voice Recognition Software Creates Limitless Potential To Spy On Any Conversation

You have something personal to discuss with a friend. You arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat in a public restaurant. It's noisy, and you have a good heart to heart in the belief that nobody else can hear what you're saying. Or you leave a message on an answer phone or via a phone app and think that it's just between yourself and the recipient...
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Who's Listening?

In the 1970s and ’80s, when undercover agents recorded conversations with mobsters and corrupt politicians, they wore a bulky tape recorder strapped around their waists--that sometimes weighed as much as 10 pounds--and wires, connected to a microphone, taped to their chests. Needless to say, they were nervous about being caught!
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The Rat Patrol

It's shocking enough to see a rat scurrying across your kitchen floor, but what if that "rat" was REALLY a remote-controlled spy? And even better, what if it wasn't a robot disguised as a rat, but a REAL rodent, being operated from a distance by remote control?

At a...
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Data Collected to Use Against You

Spying has changed in the internet age--Now we leave a record of what we're doing and what we're interested in every time we click on a website, post on a social network or purchase something online. Homeland Security and police are tracking this information, and so are AD AGENCIES.

In the December 13th edition of the Financial Times...
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The Police State Creeps Closer

Several worrisome laws that restrict our freedom have been passed recently and now Apple has patented technology which would allow governments and police to block transmission...
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A Spy Butterfly

If you happened to look up, you would notice if a drone was tracking you, but what if it looked like an insect--for instance, a butterfly? Israel is creating spy drones that are shaped like butterflies and...
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Not Secret Any More

We all know there are things they're not telling us (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), but when it comes to the drones that will...
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An Iphone That Gives You X-Ray Vision

What if you could use your iphone to develop the Superman-like skill of having X-ray vision? Well, now you can: A microchip enables a phone to see through walls, wood and plastics and--although the researchers deny this--through clothing as well, meaning you can...
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Huge Spy Complex Being Built in Utah

The NSA (National Security Administration) is building a huge computer complex called The Utah Data Center, where they can spy on the rest of us in Bluffdale, a small town in Utah, which (until now) has mainly been known as a major center of Mormon polygamy. Once it's built, it will be over five times the size of the US Capitol in Washington, DC...
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We're All Being Monitored by the FBI

Your cell phone is tracking you, there are spies on Facebook, streetlights are eavesdropping on us, and even the...
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Spying on Your Computer

The government is spying on us and now we're spying on each other. Here's the latest, and it's a pattern that repeats itself daily in hundreds of millions of offices and coffee shops around the world: People sit down, turn on their computers, set their mobile...
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The Government is Spying on Your Internet Activity

Social scientists are tracking the things we do on the internet, including website searches, Twitter messages, Facebook and blog posts, as well as the digital...
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Be a SPY with your Smartphone

Spies are everywhere these days (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) and their new tools--Smartphone cameras...
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There's a Spy in Granny's Slippers

Engineers who work for giant telecommunications companies or small start-ups are inventing products that can send messages--from a diaper that lets parents know their baby needs changing, to slippers that can tell when your grandmother might be about to fall down and break her hip. Finnish engineer Jari Arkko connected his house to a wireless...
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Now There's a Spy You Can Swallow

We've reported on tracking chips inside your clothes and inside Canadian money (not to mention cell phones!), but...
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Should We End the Patriot Act?

Congress just passed the extension of the Patriot Act with hardly a murmur and it was signed into law on May 27. Now Senator Ron Wyden (D Oregon) says that what the public has been led to believe the act allows and how the government secretly interprets it are two different things. The reason is that the government's interpretations of the act are...
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Your Phone Wants to Control You

It's true--There are SPIES everywhere! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).Your cell phone is...
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Your Phone Knows Where You Go

It's true--There are SPIES everywhere! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).Your cell phone is...
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There are SPIES on Facebook

The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites, like Facebook, by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda. So your "facebook friend" may really be a covert agent who is...
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We're All Being Tracked

Ever wondered just how much information about you your cell phone carrier has? They keep this information secret, so German Green party politician Malte Spitz whose carrier is the German company Deutsche-Telekom went to court to obtain his records, and the results are chilling: He found that he was being continually being tracked.

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Your Bank is Spying on You

...And Jim Marrs, this week's Dreamland host and author of "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy," ought to know! Banks aren't just giving you credit scores, they are issuing their customers "bank-depositor behavior score," based on your...
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Who would have thought that space science has the kind of secrets worth spying for? Stewart David Nozette, one of the NASA scientists who discovered that there is water on the moon, has been arrested as a spy for Israel, after being caught on videotape in an FBI "sting" operation. What kinds of secrets was he revealing?

Art credit:...

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Spy Clothes

A spy would probably try to wear clothes that made him invisible. Failing that, the best thing to wear would be clothes that could take photographs of everything around him, without him seeming to ever click a camera.

BBC News reports that US researchers have created a fabric that can detect the wavelength and direction of light falling...

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Is Your Computer Spying on You?

Computer criminals could soon be eavesdropping on what you type by analyzing the electromagnetic signals produced by every key press, as a technology that has been available to US intelligence agencies for twenty years finally makes its way into the public domain.

Swiss researchers have done it: By analyzing the signals produced by a...

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Americans Being Spied On by Canadian Money

It sounds like a science fiction film, but it's true: The Defense Department is warning us that Canadian coins are being circulated that have tiny transmitters hidden inside them.

The coins were planted on American contractors who recently traveled to Canada, but no one is saying who did it or why. China, Russia and France are all...

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Easy Ways to Spy on Your Friends

Here's a great way to spy on your friends or take secret snaps of any celebrities you encounter?wear sunglasses with a built-in camera. Huw Robson of Hewlett Packard says, "It means you now have a wearable camera which nobody will notice and can take pictures while being involved in events."

The camera constantly takes digital pictures...

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