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Athletes Coming OUT

Gay athletes are coming OUT of the locker room in more ways that one: The National Hockey League has announced support of gay athletes. The National Football League is working with gay advocacy groups to smooth the...
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Jocks Smarter Than Bookworms (At Some Things, Anyway)

We don't know about football players, but English Premier League soccer players, NHL hockey players, France's Top 14 club rugby players, and even elite amateur athletes have better developed cognitive functions than the average university student.
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What's Wrong With Drugs in Sports?

Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, has been stripped of his victories by the US Anti-Doping Agency for using illicit performance-enhancing drugs. This is happening in almost every sport and in, Ian Steadman asks, "Why don't...
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Spying at the Olympics

Spying is not only going on at the Olympics (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), it's RAMPANT.

France is using the internet to check out the competition. Someone from the US...
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Athletes: Forget the Body--It's Your BRAIN That's Important!

Forget the idea of the dumb athlete, a new study shows that professional athletes have BETTER brains. In fact, psychologists, rather than coaches, are devising tests to tell how good a soccer player will become in the future.

It has long been known that physical ability and ball sense are not enough to become really good at soccer. A...
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When Losers Win

When it comes to professional sports, this is often the case. For instance, not long after Labor Day, the Pittsburgh Pirates clinched their 19th consecutive losing season--the longest stretch of futility in any major professional American sport. Yet, thanks to revenue sharing, television contracts and other non-gate income, Pirate owners have been...
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Red is a Powerful Color

Winning sports teams are often those who wear red, because it helps their muscles work better. When humans see red, their reactions become both faster and more forceful.
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Are Refs Honest?

While we all wait to see if there will be an NFL season this year, we reflect on the fact that "home court advantage" has been proven to be true in every sport. Is this because the cheering fans make the home team more likely to win or is it because the refs are...
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Why Your Team isn't Scoring

Three strikes and you're out! Does your team seem full of limp bats? And what about basketball--is your team in that sport doing badly as well? Donuts, bat wraps, weighted gloves are some of the many...
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Is Fake Grass Safe?

And what if KIDS play on it? - Both baseball and football are moving to fake turf, since it needs less upkeep and always looks good on TV. But is it safe?

Adding to the growing concerns over the health risks posed by lead and other chemicals in synthetic turf materials, a new study finds that when children or athletes...

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Football: A Rough Game fact, most players never recover - Football players have the shortest professional lives of players of any other sport. Not only do the have the most injuries during the NFL season, they often don't live long after they STOP playing either.

And it turns out you don't need to participate in sports to get the...

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