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Spiders Spinning Bulletproof Vests

Scientists are trying to figure out what makes the fiber that spiders spin at least five times as strong as piano wire. Spider silk may eventually become a medical miracle that can produce skin grafts for burn victims, helps knit broken bones together and may one day even be used to make light weight bulletproof vests.

Spider silk is...
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Mysterious Spider Attack

As if cannibals and chupacabras weren't enough, two people died when swarms of venomous spiders invaded a town in India. This is the country that has recently been plagued...
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New Car Problems

Some new cars have special problems, including animal invasions. For instance, Mazda has had to recall 65,000 new cars because of an infestation of spiders in the hoses leading to their gas tanks.
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New Spiders Showing Up

It's not just birds that are ending up in the wrong places due to global warming?it's SPIDERS too, and some of them can be dangerous?for our crops and (in some cases) for US, since some of these spiders can BITE!

In BBC News, Rebecca Morelle quotes John Partridge of the British Arachnological Society as saying that his organization has...

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