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New Pocket Phone Chargers Could Spell Trouble For Sperm Health

As though they don't already spend enough time welded to their cellphones , Microsoft Mobile has now collaborated with menswear fashion designer A. Sauvage to create a pair of "techno-trousers" that will mean that a man never needs to be parted from his cell, even to charge its battery.
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Sperm Crisis Going On

Does Nature think the Earth is overpopulated? Because a "natural" form of birth control is going on right now: A new study of 26,000 men shows that between 1989 and 2005, average sperm counts fell by a third, increasing their risk of infertility.

The decline occurred progressively throughout the 17-year period, meaning that...
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Bad Sperm in Israel--We Know Why

Sperm quality is down everywhere, and the suspected causes range from estrogen in our drinking water to pesticides, but Israel worse off than other developed countries. This is a real problem for women...
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How the Danish Get Around

There are lot more Danes around that you think?Danish genes that is. Cyros International, the world's biggest sperm bank, is located in Denmark and has just opened a branch in New York City.

Elinor Schang writes in Reuters that Cyros has three donation centers in Denmark and donors, mostly students, are paid $40.50 for each donation....

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Why Some Men Make Better Lovers

Ladies: If you want to celebrate Mother's Day next year, find a symmetrical man. If your boyfriend has different sized feet or one ear larger than the other, his sperm isn't as strong as that of a symmetrical guy.

Scientists who measured almost everything on the male body that is paired found a link between sperm quality and bilateral...

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With Artificial Eggs, Two Men Can be Parents

Scientists believe they can create both eggs and sperm from either male or female stem cells. It's worked with mice and Japanese scientists think it will work for humans too. This would mean that, for the first time, a male couple could have biological children.

However, the most obvious use would be to help infertile heterosexual...

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Sperm are Fussy About Smell

Sperm may smell their way to the egg, and they like some smells better than others. One of their favorites is lily of the valley. Researchers have identified an odor receptor in sperm?the same kind found in the nerve cells of the nose. When they find a smell they like, they swim strongly towards it, so the sperm that's the best smeller will be...

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Bike Riding Means No Babies

Bike riding over rough terrain may result in fewer Daddies. It can reduce male fertility due to the jolts and vibration, which may cause small scars within the scrotum and impaired sperm production. These abnormalities were found in professional mountain bikers who biked an average of more than two hours a day, six days a week, in Austria.

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Poor Sperm on the Farm

The quality of semen is much poorer in farmers than in men from urban areas, and this may be due to agricultural chemicals. University of Missouri researchers say they?ve found the first evidence that semen quality varies significantly in different regions of the United States.

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