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Spam Statistics

Computer spammers are still around, for one big reason: There's a recession on and these guys are making lots of money DESPITE THE FACT that they only get one response for every 12 MILLION emails they send out!

Researchers discovered this by setting up a fake pharmacy and sending out their own spam. BBC News quotes researcher Stefan...

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Spammer Caught in Sting

Remember the "money-making" e-mail scams from Nigeria? (Maybe you're still getting them). A group of spam-busterswho call themselves areusing their skills to track these scammers down and have fun at the same time (419 stands of a section of Nigeria's legalcode).

Dan Damon writes in that millions of...
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Get Revenge for All That Spam

American Online is running a sweepstakes in which the prize is a 2002 Porsche Boxter seized from "a guy who by our estimates made more than a million dollars from spamming," according to AOL executive Randall Boe.

Anick Jesdanun writes that AOL got the car as part of their settlement in a lawsuit against the spammer. Boe says, "We'll...

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You Hate Spam, So Why Are You Sending It?

If you're like the rest of us, you hate spam, but if you're not careful, you're probably sending a lot of it to your friends. At least one third of all spam is being sent from home computers without their owners' knowledge. Your address book can be cracked and your computer power harnessed by one the many computer viruses going around.


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A Reformed Spammer

We recently wrote about a spam vigilante who identified the spammer who was making his life miserable. Now we've discovered a "reformed" spammer who's quit the computer game and owns a nightclub in New Hampshire. As head of the junk e-mail company Cyber Promotions, he was "cyberspace's most hated person in the 1990s."

Brian McWilliams...

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Spam Fight

Ever wish you could personally go after the people who are sending you all that annoying, often disgusting, spam? One person did it.

Michele Delio writes in that graphic artist Andy Markley discovered that a spammer was sending out hundreds of pieces of spam, using Markley's domain. His computer mailbox was filled with...

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New Virus Means Massive Spam

A new version of the SoBig computer worm is expected any day, and this one will lead to a massive increase in spam (as if we're not overwhelmed by it already). The SoBig.F worm was designed to make computers all over the world send out a flood of spam. Some experts say that over half the spam you are receiving right now is a result of the virus...

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Can Spam be Canned?

To switch on your e-mail and not see at least half of it filled with spam (including a lot of pornography) seems like an impossible dream. But the Anti-Spam Research Group is determined to stamp out spam. One of the major problems is defining exactly what spam is. Anti-spammer Paul Judge says, "Spam is a problem of unwanted messages and we...

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Obnoxious Spam

We've all read the usual year?s end lists, like "Best Movies of 2002," but how about the most obnoxious Spam? 2002 was a big year for Spam?30% of the e-mail we received were unsolicited ads, and it's predicted that Spam will make up 50% of all e-mail in 2003. Did you receive some of these messages??

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Tsunami of Spam

The holiday season has increased spam traffic by 20%, bringing a tsunami of spam to your computer. "What's the cost of sending an e-mail? It's almost free. So [spam] is a way of getting your message out at a low cost. The economic side is favorable," says Brightmail president Enrique Salem. Spam made up 40% of all Internet e-mail traffic in...

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Spam SUVs

Hormel Foods Corporation, the creators of Spam, is teaming up with General Motors to make car parts out of pork and turkey byproducts. They will supply GM with a binding agent, known as "GMBond," that is made from animal protein collagen and will be used to make the molds that are used to cast metal parts.

"Who would have guessed that a...

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