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Spying in Space

America's classified X-37B satellite, which went into orbit in March, 2011, is probably spying on China's space station (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), Tiangong-1, which was launched in...
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There May be Diamonds in the Sky

At the first Christmas, three astrologers followed a star that shone so brightly, it looked like a diamond in the sky. A new study suggests that some stars in the Milky Way could harbor "carbon super-Earths...
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Another Concept of Reality

We may live in a holographic projection of another, flat version of life, being lived in a two-dimensional surface at the edge of this universe. Seeing our universe as a hologram could solve some of the biggest problems in quantum physics, such as "spooky action at a distance," also known as...
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Still Searching for ET

When we're looking for extraterrestrial life, other moons may be our best bet. Among the most habitable alien worlds is Saturn's moon Titan.

In recent years, the search for potentially habitable planets outside our solar system has increased. NASA's...
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Water Means Life--So Harness a Comet

When our satellites search for other planets that might harbor life, they always search for water. But now, for the first time, astronomers have detected around a burgeoning solar system a sprawling cloud of water vapor that's cold enough to form comets, which could eventually deliver oceans to dry planets. And with oceans, life could spring up--...
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Hundreds of Tiny Milky Ways

Using its near-infrared vision to peer 9 billion years back in time, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered an extraordinary population of tiny, young galaxies that are brimming with star formation. Most of these galaxies are a hundred times less massive than the Milky Way, yet they churned out stars at a furious pace. However, it's a mystery...
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Having Sex (and Children?) in Space

After a drink or two, having sex is a natural inclination. Will the lack of gravity be a problem? (It could lead to some interesting "positions"). A trip to even one of our closest stars would take decades and possibly even hundreds of years, spanning...
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Planets Found That Could Contain Extraterrestrial Life

There may be alien life out there, after all: Using the Harps telescope in Chile, a European observatory has announced "major" alien planet findings: 50 previously unknown "exoplanets" that could harbor life. These...
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New Space Fuel is Already in Space!

Even if we delegate future space travel to private companies, they will still need fuel in order to fly around, once they used conventional means to get off the earth. An unmanned space probe called the Pamela, launched 5 years ago, has detected a field of antimatter particles...
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We've Discovered a New Kind of Shooting Star

One that is shooting water! A geyser of water is spurting up from the poles of a star that is 750 light-years from the earth at a rate of 124,000 mpg, creating "water bullets" that it shoots deep into space. If it has other planets around it, the...
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Litter in a Surprising Place

There's so much trash out there in space that it's getting in the way of astronaut operations. The solution? ZAP it! The US military currently tracks about 20,000 items of space junk in low-...
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Two Planets,Same Orbit

More exciting discoveries from the Kepler telescope: A planetary system of the kind never seen before, with two planets in the same orbit around their star. They circle their sun every 9.8 days, one of them ahead of the other. In the night sky of one of the planets, the other planet must seem like a...
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Does Nirubu Exist?

How can something REALLY LARGE be hidden from sight? If it's an object in space, astronomers can know it's there from the reactions of other stars and planets, even if they can't see it. They have evidence that either GIANT brown dwarf ("cold") star or a HUGE gas giant planet is at the outermost reaches of our solar system, far beyond...
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Astronomers Can See the Future

Just like this week's Dreamland host psychic medium Marla Frees! Most of what we see in the sky at night is very old, since it takes the light from distant stars a long time to travel to us. This means that astronomers are used to looking millions of years into the past. Now scientists...
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The Secret is Out

The government may have inadvertently revealed a secret when the California director of a NASA center mentioned the "100 Year Starship," where astronauts leave the Earth to colonize another planet, but don't return because the destination is so far away that it would take too long to make a round trip. So why don't they just send robots...
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Space Travel

The rocky road - If space travel is in our future, we need to learn how to identify and avoid the "rocks" in the "road." Somebody else seems to be doing it right now, so we should be able to as well. China is monitoring meteors as well.

New research from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope reveals that asteroids somewhat near...

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Many Worlds

Is the "many worlds" theory of parallel universes correct? Even cosmologist George Ellis, who came up with the theory, isn't sure that HE agrees with it!

The theory forms one of the bedrocks of quantum physics, and it also helps explain Dark Matter, which is one of the main questions CERN is seeking to answer. But the problem with the...

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Mysteries of Space

The sun pillar & cosmic dust - This week on Dreamland, we're talking about strange earth phonomena and what may be causing so many storms and earthquakes, but a few weeks ago on Dreamland, Whitley mentioned seeing a strange "pillar of light" on a walk along the bluff near the ocean. To see an example of this, click here,...

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Where to Go for a Cheap Vacation in Space

The equivalent of a bad motel on a trashy beach - Unless you learn how to time travel, if you take your next vacation in a spacecraft, your destination may be a rather barren-looking space rock, a place where you're not likely to make any exciting new friends.

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It's COLD Up There!

But that's not why we're not returning to the moon - Obama cancelled the moon landing program because it's too expensive, so even if there is life and water on the moon, we won't be flying up there to do some moon mining any time soon. Another problem is that the moon contains the coldest place in the solar system! If we did go...

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Why We May Never Make It to Mars

Take a vacation on Mars in the future? Forget it: scientists tell us there is too much radiation, even if your spacecraft is shielded. Alas, we need to learn much more before we're ready to travel into space.

NASA has been discussing going to one of the moons of Mars and going to the planet itself from there. In New Scientist, David...

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No Gas Stations in Space

Sending craft out from the earth to explore space is an expensive proposition, and one of the most expensive parts of it is the rocket fuel needed to escape gravity. If we could set up a space station on the moon or on another planet (such as Mars) it would be much easier to escape gravity. It would be especially cost effective if we could...

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Space Traffic

...and pee problems in space - Outer space is a busy thoroughfare of satellites operated by many nations. Earth orbits are crowded with active spacecraft, as well as dead or dying satellites. We're even littering there! There is also the problem of?peeing in space (and they have much more important things to concern them up...

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The Next Step

The next step in space? A manned, reusable Russian-European space ship!

Both ESA (European Space Agency) and Russian technology will be used. This ship was originally designed by the Russians to transport 4 people to the moon. It can make a soft landing on any planet, meaning it can be reused. In BBC News, Paul Rincon quotes Anatoly Zak...

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Traffic Space

A lot of it will be tourist traffic - There will soon be so much traffic in space?much of from tourists?that traffic jams are expected. Some people want to set up some traffic laws NOW, before it's too late.

Work is progressing on a Code of Conduct for Space, and just like on highways here on earth, one rule should be:...

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Take a Space

Your next car could come from India and your next vacation could bein space. Futurists predict that outer space will become "the" getaway of this century, and could begin showing up in travel guides by 2010.

Researcher Fred DeMicco says, "In the twenty-first century, space tourism could represent the most significant development...

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Space Tours

We may soon be able to take a vacation in space. But why take a plane, when we may eventually be able to take an elevator?

Virgin Atlantic has designed a plane that will eventually take passengers into space, starting in 2010. BBC News quotes CEO Richard Branson as saying, "I think it's very important that we make a genuine commercial...

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Space Trash

Not only is China polluting the earth, now it's throwing trash into space as well.

A year ago, China intentionally destroyed its own aging weather spacecraft with an anti-satellite (ASAT) device, creating in the process a lingering cloud of dangerous space junk?the largest amount of orbital debris in five decades of worldwide space...

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What Was the Christmas Star?

According to the Bible, when Jesus was born three Magi saw a star in the East that signaled the birth of a new king. But just what was it, from an astronomical point or view, that the Magi actually saw? Astronomer Fred Grosse says there are several popular theories that may answer this question. According to him, "Astronomical objects or events...

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Will Space Travel Destroy the Universe?

Some scientists think that our ability to study the universe with space craft and telescopes might actually be destroying it. It's all part of quantum physics. It's also surfer wisdom.

In the November 21st edition of the Telegraph, Roger Highfield explains that our ability to measure the universe may actually shorten its life, because...

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