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Closer Than Ever to Mars Travel

We're closer to going there than ever (and who knows what we'll discover when we get there? Subscribers can still listen to this show).

Astronauts could be a step closer to visiting Mars if they travel...
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Space Tourism Revving Up

The UK--not the US--is the headquarters of Virgin Galactic, which Richard Branson hopes will create an entirely new tourism market--in space. Are private companies taking over this task because there are secrets NASA doesn't want us to know? (NOTE:...
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Space Bones

Long-duration spaceflight may have a long-term negative impact on bone health. Exposure to weightlessness during spaceflight results in rapid bone loss. Researchers recently set out to determine the impact of long-duration space missions on long-term bone health by assessing the bone mineral density of astronauts. The researchers studied 28 US...
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Space Travel Coming to Your Local Mall Soon

A franchise is a store or restaurant, like The Gap orKentucky Fried Chicken, that you can find in every town inthe U.S. and often abroad as well. Now space pioneer BurtRutan says travel agents that can book you on a space travelvacation will soon be just as common as fast-foodfranchises. He plans to build spacecraft with large cabins,where you...

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Health Risks From Space Travel

According to a NASA study, the medical risks -- both physical and psychological -- of long journeys in space remain are far greater than the public has been led to believe.

After 40 years of space travel, information on stresses to the body due to space travel has not been properly analyzed. Not enough is known about the dangers of...

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Second Space Tourist Ready to Go

A 28-year-old South African internet tycoon will become the second space tourist after three out of five Russian Space and Aviation Agency departments have approved his mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in April 2002.

The three departments have signed an agreement that would allow South African Mark Shuttleworth to visit...

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