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Weekender - Animal Consciousness Could Surpass Our Own

Do animals possess the same level of consciousness as humans? Unknown Country explores the possibility that "dumb animals" may be as sentient - or even more so - than humans. Because we are unable to communicate directly with animal species, the common human perception is that animal intelligence is somehow inferior to our own. Yet...
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Death Researcher Challenging Science on Resurrection and the Soul

Resuscitation expert Dr. Sam Parnia has shown that, with proper treatment, people can be returned to live even hours after they have died. By cooling the blood and brain after death, brain damage can be prevented while organs such as the heart have more time to be repaired or heal. Instead of being declared dead after 20 minutes without blood...
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Science Studies the Soul

Neurophysiologist Dick Burgess is trying to find scientific proof for consciousness and the soul. Some of his evidence comes from the story of Uttara Haddur, a Hindu woman who suddenly began speaking an ancient form of Bengali in 1974, without ever having studied the language. She told stories of people in a village many miles away and said her...

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A Scientist Weighs the Soul

Dr. Duncan MacDougall believed that if there's a soul that exists separately from our brains and bodies, then it has to take up physical space and have weight, and this can be measured. The way to find out is to weigh a person shortly before and after death. According science, space-occupying material can be classified into solids, liquids or...

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