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Can't Hit 'Em if You Can't See 'Em

How can we protect our soldiers? Make them invisible! The US military is developing "Quantum Stealth" camouflage uniforms that can make soldiers completely invisible by bending light waves around them. This fabric can even fool night vision goggles.

In the...
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Why Veterans are Killing Themselves

Concussions--caused by a severe blow to the head (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this provocative interview)--can lead to a host of debilitating symptoms, and it's not just...
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Synchronized Evil

When we see reports about North Korea, we are shown rows of soldiers marching in lockstep. Old newsreels of Hitler's armies and Soviet troops show us the same thing. There's a REASON that dictatorial regimes that want to control the minds of their populace concentrate on building up their armies and parading them around. It's not just to show the...
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Support our Women Warriors

When we say we support our troops, we should include WOMEN in that too. Women are the fastest growing segment in the US military, already accounting for approximately 14% of deployed forces. According to statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA...
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Future Soldiers May be Killer Robots

Perhaps we could have killed Osama bin-Laden with a drone, but since he rarely left his compound, our soldiers had to go in and get him instead. In Whitley's new novel Hybrids, he writes about machine-men who are engineered to...
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Is the Military Going Green?

The military is one of our biggest users of fossil fuels and they want to reduce costs and make units in the field less vulnerable to attacks on supply lines necessary to transport petroleum-based fuels. To do this, they have invented solar cells that soldiers can roll up like a mat, transport, and unroll in a new location to start generating...
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Our Brave Kids are Killing Themselves

Why do soldiers risk their lives in wars, and then come home and kill themselves? The US Army has recently announced that there were a record number of suicides among soldiers last month. If this keeps up, more soldiers will have killed themselves last month than died in combat.

In, Barbara Starr and Mike Mount quotes an Army...

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More Vets Get Drastic Disease

It has been reported that more Gulf War Vets got Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), which gradually leads to complete paralysis, than the general public. Those soldiers blamed it on bioterrorism from Saddam, while current soldiers in Iraq fear they may get it from the vaccinations they're forced to take, which are often not yet approved for the...

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