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Military Suicides: A Surprising Cause

There are too many suicides among soldiers in our military (and even one is too many). One would assume this is due to getting "Dear John" letters from wives and girlfriends back home or from the...
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Military Going Green

The LAST group of people you'd expect to be worried about climate change is the military, since you'd think they'd be used to heat by now, since they're current fighting two wars in desert regions and...
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Soldier Sounds

One of the joys of this season is listening to Christmas carols, but some of our brave soldiers are returning from war with a special problem:...
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Thanks, Vets!

On Veteran's Day, just wants to say THANKS to everyone who has fought so hard for our country, and to remind you of two of Anne Strieber's most popular diaries, which she wrote about our Vets. To read them, click here and...
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