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We Have a Twin!

Another prediction from the Master of the Key comes true: Astronomers have discovered planets orbiting a distant star in a formation which looks a lot like our own solar system. Have we received any visitors?

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With Pluto Gone, What Will Astrologers Do?

Now that astronomers say that Pluto can no longer be considered a planet, what are astrologers going to do? Pluto may have been put into limbo by astronomers, but it's still on astrology charts, and nobody plans to remove it.

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New Planet Revealed Due to Hacker Threat

It took a hacker's threat to get scientists to reveal the existence of the 10th planet that has recently been discovered in the Kuiper Belt beyond the orbit of Pluto. Why the information was being kept secret is unknown.

Alicia Chang writes in the (UK) Independent that a conference announcing the discovery of the newest planet in our...

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Sagittarius, Your Days are Numbered

The Milky Way is gobbling up the stars in the grouping we call Sagittarius. We see the stars the way they looked millions of years ago, but sometime in the future, Sagittarians will no longer have a star symbol to call their own.

David Whitehouse writes in BBC News Online that astronomers have learned that our Milky Way is devouring the...

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Twin Solar System Discovered

David Whitehouse writes in that astronomers have found a planetary system that's similar to ours, with a big, Jupiter-like planet circling a Sun-like star. Jupiter absorbs most of the meteor impacts that come our way, and is one of the reasons life can exist on the Earth. Of the more than 100 planetary systems we know about, this is...

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Earth-Like Solar System Discovered

What many people don't realize is that we humans can thank Jupiter that we're here. The huge planet protects the rest of the planets in our solar system by absorbing many of the blows that come our way from comets and asteroids. Asteroids get past it occasionally?like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs--but these extinction events would have...
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