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Don't Get Caught Snacking

Snacking, especially drinking sodas, continues to increase among Americans, accounting for more than 25% of calorie intake each day. The amount of secondary eating and drinking--consumption while engaged in another activity--has also increased. And beverages account for 50% of the calories consumed through snacking.
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A Surprising Danger

If you thought the only danger of drinking sodas was obesity, think again (it's yet another example of evil corn).

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ANOTHER Reason Sodas are Bad for You

ESPECIALLY if you're a woman! - Sodas have been blamed for the obesity epidemic?now there's ANOTHER reason why you shouldn?t drink them (especially if you?re a woman). Women who drink two or more cans of regular soda (not diet soda) per day are nearly twice as likely to show early signs of kidney disease.

This is not a...

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A Surprising Reason Why Sodas are Bad for You

Our bodies don't recognize them as food - While we're making our New Year's resolutions, maybe one of the things we should change in '09 is our soda habit. Some researchers think that they're the main cause of obesity in the US and there's a reason for this that goes beyond the sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) that's in them...

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What to Drink

If you're going to the movies, you need to figure out what to drink with that popcorn. Regular soda may be the primary cause of obesity in the US, so shouldn't you switch to diet soda? The surprising answer is no. And are the new vitamin drinks just a gimmick? In a word, yes.

A few leading soft drink companies are trying to change the...
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