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Weekender: Is Technology the New Terror?

Technology has been around since the dawn of time. Not just tablets, phones, computers or television, but any device that has helped to facilitate the processes of daily life. A rock to bash things with, a stick to stir things with, a knife to kill or cut with, or even the wheel! But for most people, the term "technology" is associated...
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Thinking May Become Obsolete!

One of the most common complaints about social media is the banality of some status updates. Do we really need to know what our friends had for breakfast, or whether they couldn't get the stain out of their favourite shirt? It can be difficult to think of an endless supply of snappy statuses which are guaranteed to entertain and delight our...
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Internet Dating is Now the Norm

Online dating has not only shed its stigma, it has surpassed all forms of matchmaking in the United States other than meeting through friends. According to one industry estimate, social networking attracted 25 million unique users around the world in April 2011 alone....
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